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Faith’s new coat

The other day I finally was able to get Faith a new winter coat. Most store are now selling Spring coats so to find the right colour and winter was quite the chore. But I finally found one this past week.

Faith has forever loved the colour yellow. If you have been reading my blog for even a year you would know that is true, but just a few months ago she said to me “my new favourite colour now is purple!” So I decided to try to find her a purple winter coat. Thankfully it was no longer yellow, because that coat would have been dirty all the time. When I looked at Faith’s old coat I realized she had been wearing size 12 months all this time. This tells you how tiny she is for a 4 year old. Now she is wearing a 3T coat, we bought it big so she will eventually grow into it.

Anyway, I did get her a coat and I was so excited to finally give it to her, so one night last week when we got home I sat her down on the stairs and presented it to her. I couldn’t wait for her reaction. As I gave it to her I explained how I took such a long time to find her coat, hoping she would give me a big hug and say “thank you” and tell me how wonderful I was.

Nope, not Faith. With hands up in the air she exclaimed “why you take so long Daddy?”

February 1, 2013 at 10:54 PM 3 comments

Faith’s cardiology appointment

A couple of weeks ago Faith had a cardiology appointment to check her heart. She was born with a hole in her heart. The specialist told us that one of Faith’s valves sticks a bit but it is nothing to be concerned with. We are scheduled to see the specialist again in a year from now.

After we had Faith’s heart x-rayed we were put into a waiting room where the doctor would examine Faith. It happened that the room was the “yellow” room. And if you know Faith at all she loves the colour yellow! You can see below the picture of her standing in front of the door of the examination room. She’s so cute.

We are so thankful Faith’s heart is still functioning well and we have no concerns. God continues to take care of our little munchkin.

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More stop light conversations

This is the sequel to my conversation with Faith and Shawn about what we do when we come to a stop light. My wife taught them all I am about to share but it is so much cuter when the kids say it.

When we were driving in the van the other day and as usual Faith says “Daddy, green says go.” And Shawn says “Ya, green says go Daddy.” Then I asked Faith, “what do you do when you come to a red light?” Shawn answers before Faith could and says “Stop!” Then Faith said “when you come to a yellow light Daddy you slow down.” I said “very good Baby. Who told you that?” Faith smiled and didn’t answer. I asked again, this time she said again with a big smile, “Mommy!”

As we drove off Shawn said “Daddy, green says go!”

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Faith’s birthday & Canada Day 2012

July 1st is not only Canada’s birthday but it is also Faith’s. And yesterday Faith turned 4 years old. I still can’t believe she is now school aged. She starts JK in September. Wow!

For both Faith’s birthday and Canada Day we had a celebration with lots of friends over, as well our court has a special celebration for Canada Day with fireworks at the end of the night. You’ll see in the pictures below all the people that came out for the Canada Day celebration. We even took a picture of all those who attended on top of the Canadian flag we painted on the “floor” of the court.

We parked one of our cars in our garage and the other in our neighbours driveway so we could set-up two tables for all our friends and family to eat around. The tables where dressed with everything yellow. That’s because Faith loves the colour yellow. It’s her favourite!

From the moment we got home De-Ann was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, ribs, shiskabobs, and special sauce where among the delicacies to eat. And each family also brought a side dish of some type. De-Ann made cupcakes and homemade icing for Faith’s birthday instead of a cake. What a great idea and they were delicious. You’ll even see Faith blowing out four candles on her very own cupcake with yellow icing, of course.

We chatted, ate and just a had a great time hanging out. So thankful to have our special friends celebrating with us. You all mean so very much to us. We love each one of you: DJ & Caitlyn, Drew, Diane, Denita, Joel & Rini, Rebecca & Tyler, Max & Elizabeth, Titus & Josiah and Andy & Nita. Each one of you are our extended family. And a special thank you to Linette (my sister) and Peter for stopping by. We had such a great time with all of you.

One other special guest showed up just after we finished supper, the Peel Fire Department. You’ll see the the pictures below we even got to take pictures of the kids in and around the fire truck. Faith even got to where the fireman’s helmet, so did Denita. haha.

July 1st weekend was also a very special weekend because it marked the anniversary of when Shawn first visited our home. Only a few days later Shawn joined our family permanently. Wow, it’s amazing what has happened in one short year. Praise God for his provision and care for our little family.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

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More school bus fun

A couple of mornings ago Faith and Shawn were back to their counting of school buses. But this time Faith was doing something quite different. After a mini-bus went by she would get excited (as usual) and say “school bus” and “yellow” but then she added “Shawn’s.” Which I thought was very nice of her. She was finally starting to share–abstractly, of course, the school buses. Haha.

Then a big-bus went by and she said “school bus” and “yellow” but this time she said “mine!” This went on for a few school buses. I realized Faith was “giving” the small buses to Shawn and the big ones to herself. She hadn’t learned to share but to be selfish.

Faith was divining up the school bus so that she got the bigger of the too. Meanwhile Shawn was saying “me too” every time Faith said “mine.” He wasn’t phased a bit.

Hopefully in the near future we can teach the kids to share and give up the best for each other. I know, we have a long road ahead.

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New boots

The kids just got new rain boots, and of course they are yellow! Check out the fun pictures we took of them. They look like Baby Gap models, especially the picture where they are looking away from the camera. Haha!








March 14, 2012 at 8:04 PM 8 comments

More car seat conversations

This morning Faith and Shawn were at it again. This time Faith was very encouraging to her brother. It’s a short conversation but I think you will enjoy it.

Faith: School bus! Shawn, school bus. Yellow school bus. That’s my school bus!

Shawn: yaah

Faith: Say “yellow” Shawn

Shawn: lellow (his version of yellow)

Faith: Good boy Shawn [pause]

Shawn: yaah

Faith: Give me 5 Shawn! [she hold out her hand between the two car seats]

Shawn: [slaps Faith’s hand] — I was able to see this interaction because we were at a stop light.

Faith: Good job Shawn.

I just had to laugh, quietly, but I was laughing. I love it when they are getting along.

February 3, 2012 at 12:06 PM 8 comments

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