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Good little PKs

My wife sent these pictures to me last Sunday with the caption “Reading our Bibles after church…. Good little PKs.”



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Chest pains updated

In my last post I told you I was waiting for my procedure. In this post I thought I would update you on all that has happened.

Like everything I experience in life, my procedure didn’t go as planned. I did get transported to the other hospital that specializes in angiograms / angioplastys on Mon, Feb 11 in the morning, which went as planned. Everything else didn’t.

After arriving at the hospital for my angiogram they started to prep me for the procedure. I won’t go into detail but it was very intrusive to say the least. There was shaving, putting stickers all over my body (again), and asking very personal questions. So much fun (read with sarcasm).

Once they had me all prepped De-Ann arrived and we waited. I have to admit I was very anxious because I knew I was going to be wide awake during this procedure. And second, it was going to be on my heart so that made me nervous as well. But eventually they called my name and I went from one waiting room to another, then finally into the operating room. It was a very large room that was freezing. They put me on a very narrow table and took off the one thing that was keeping me warm and dignified: my gown. Eventually they put lots of warm blankets on me so I wouldn’t freeze to death during the procedure. How considerate.

During the angiogram they discovered I had two arteries that were heavily blocked. One was 90% and the other 80%. But thankfully the third one was fine, because I would be looking at open heart surgery–the doctor told me later on. Phew! The surgeon managed to stint the first artery which had 90% plaque build up but as he did so some of the plaque fell into my heart and caused some complications. So the surgeon decided to leave the artery with 80% blockage for another day.

If you want to know more about the angiogram and angioplasty procedures, Google it. It should give you a good idea of what I went through.

After the procedure, all I remember leaving the operating room freezing to death. I felt like my arm with the IV in it was laying on ice. They put me in my “stall” and loaded all kinds of blankets on top of me. I looked like a mummy. [blame De-Ann for not having a picture to show you. She wouldn’t take a picture for me. I think she thinks I am nuts]. Eventually I warmed up and fell asleep. I slept on my back for a few hours. Then more poking, more stickers and other unpleasant things I don’t want to mention. Let’s just say I was fully exposed.

After my recover from the procedure the surgeon came and told me what happened and that he wanted to give my heart a break before he put a stint in the second artery. It would probably be on Wednesday or Thursday. Man, I was not looking forward to that. The next day I was transported back to the first hospital I came from and I stayed there all day and into the night.

While at the first hospital I had some great visit with people who are so special to me. My brother and his wife came all the way from Ottawa. One of my co-workers dropped off a really nice care package with all of my favourite things in it from all my co-workers. They really know and love me. By the time night came I was exhausted and went to bed early. I almost forgot I was visited by my cardiologist and he told me I will be transported tomorrow morning to have my second procedure. I wasn’t looking forward to that. But I was so thankful for my brother’s prayer and one of my volunteers’ prayer as they prayed for me to have peace as I went into my second procedure. They both knew I was very anxious because of all I went through with the first procedure.

The next morning, Wed, Feb 13, came with me being poked three times. It was bad enough they wanted to take blood, but to miss my vein two times before. Uggh. Still I didn’t faint. Not sure why, but I just grit my teeth and let her poke me. [Am I becoming immune to this poking?] Then the transport guys came and brought me back to the other hospital. [Here’s a question you are all probably asking: why didn’t I just stay at the other hospital since I was going to be doing the second procedure in a few days? If you find out the answer, please tell me. No one knew the answer to that one].

I arrived at the other hospital at 6:45am and my procedure was at 9:30am. Of course, like everything else, it was delayed and I finally went in at 11:30am. This time they got me to walk to the table and put myself on it. Again I was exposed for all the world to see…okay, only the five people in the operating room. Unfortunately since my first procedure was only two days ago they had to enter my body on the other side of my body so now I have two incisions to heal. During the second procedure the surgeon was not able to use a regular mess stint, he had to use a full metal stint because the way the artery was shaped and where the plaque was built up. But the procedure went well and there were no complications. However it was almost twice as long and many times during it I became very cold or in a great deal of pain.

I came out and was put into my new “stall” [a bit roomier than the last one] where they put more blankets all over me and I slept for hours. I finally woke up and I got to see my beautiful bride sitting there beside me.

So thankful for my wife, De-Ann for being there every step of the way with me. And I know now that I am home she has an even bigger role to fill. My recovery is going to be long and I can’t do much for the first two weeks, including things I usually do like vacuuming, shovelling, laundry, collecting the garbage, etc. I am going to owe her big-time once I am completely recovered and able to do all of my regular duties.

As you probably have figured out by now, I am homeFINALLY! Now it is time for me to recover. The cardiologist has told me 4-6 weeks of recovery. I can’t even drive for a few weeks. Homebound I guess for now.

Thank you to each of you for your prayers, visits, cards, messages, gifts and love. They mean so much. I really do feel cared for.

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Day 70…1 Corinthians 7:29-35

I Corinthians 7:29-35: Divided commitment

After reading this section I don’t believe it is so much about Paul’s council regarding marriage as it is about him being concerned that the believers at Corinth not be divided in their commitment and worship to God.

v.29-31, Paul starts out this passage with “the time that remains is very short” again like yesterday, I believe Paul is talking about impending persecution coming which will lead to less chances to tell their friends about their faith and the Gospel. So he tells “husbands should not let marriage be their major concern” and “happiness or sadness or wealth should not keep anyone from doing God’s work.” In other words, Paul is saying that the believers at Corinth should not let anything get in the way of serving the Lord. Even marriage, home, or financial security. These things should not be their ultimate goals in life. They should live unhindered by the cares of this world, anything that would keep them from doing God’s work. Paul continues his thought to tell “those in frequent contact with the things of the world should make good use of them without becoming attached to them” To say, that it’s okay to have material things as long as they are used to further God’s Kingdom. All of their possessions first of all belong to the Lord, second they are temporary…they will “pass away” and Paul didn’t want them to become attached to anything in this life.

v.32-34, Paul continues his point speaking now about marriage “an unmarried man can spend his time doing the Lord’s work and thinking how to please him” and an unmarried “woman who is no longer married or has never been married can be more devoted to the Lord in body and in spirit.” But a married man or woman, their “interests are divided.” The husband has to “think about his earthly responsibilities and how to please his wife” just as the wife has to be also “concerned about her earthly responsibilities and how to please her husband.” 

For those of you concerned that Paul was against marriage, later in our study you will see how important he believes the privilege of marriage is (9:3-5).

v.35, Paul gives the advice in these previous verses for their “benefit” and not “place restrictions” on them. These words were not regulations or rules the believers had to follow, no, they were advice to help the believers to “serve the Lord best, with as few distractions as possible.” This would also help them as they lived in the most immoral place on the earth–Corinth and as they anticipated persecution from the Roman government.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? There are two things I think this passage is about for me: 1. to not let anything get in the way of serving God. There is nothing wrong with being married or having other interests other than our faith, but not to let those things be our ultimate goals in life. 2. especially my possession are not ultimately mine, they are God loaned to me while here on earth. I need to be willing to let them all go and to let others use them as long as they are used to do God’s work.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?  My possessions need to be dedicated to God so that whatever I have is his to use. That means that if someone needs to use my car to loan it to them (of course only if my insurance policy allows it and they are trustworthy). My home is God’s so starting in January I am going to open my home to a men’s small group. Everything I have is God so I need to give them back to him in an act of worship–including my family.

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