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BIG screen TV!

I walked into Costco today and this is what was starring me back in the face. It wasn’t hard to miss! I put the kids in front of iit to show how big it really is. Also you will notice the 55″ which used to be the biggest screen made is dwarfed by this 80″.


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Very busy Saturday

Another busy Saturday. I went to Ikea in the morning along with a ton of other errands. Very productive though. Exchanged some Ikea furniture & got the right ones. Picked up a wall mount for our TV and special wall mounts for my speakers. Then over to Tiger Direct for ethernet cables to finish up our CAT5 set-up. Then I returned some Home Depot items and finally made it home.

At home I put all the Ikea furniture together and put up the paper towel holder in the kitchen. Then I helped De-Ann take some boxes downstairs from our dinning room or should I say “storage area.” It is starting to look more and more like a dinning room.

Then I set out to finish my prep for my class I am teaching on Hell! Wow, what I great topic. I am going through a series with a bunch of people from our church that want to Discover Christianity–either all over again or for the first time. Really enjoying this class and my students.

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