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Dead balloon

Faith and Shawn were given some balloons this past weekend from a birthday party they attended. Of course, they were filled with helium so they were floating in the air when we got home. Oh, and they are attached to a weight to keep them from floating to the ceiling, of course. It was pretty late when we got home so the kids went straight to bed. The last thing they saw was the balloons floating next to the stairs.

The next morning after getting dressed they ran down the stairs and saw that all but one balloon was on the floor. Faith said to Shawn, “the balloon died Shawn.” Shawn said “oh no!” And they both put on sad faces. Then we left for daycare.

Tonight on the way home for some reason Faith remembered about the balloons and said to Shawn “the balloon died everywhere.” Then she said to me “if the balloon died everywhere then we have to go to the new house.” I asked her to explain and she just said the same thing over again.

When we finally got in the house the kids noticed the balloons were all gone. De-Ann had put them in the garage before she left for work. Faith said “the balloon died everywhere” and ran to the living room. Then I heard a scream. After turning on the light Faith and Shawn found one of the balloons. Oscar (our cat) had dragged it in the living room. And they both saw it lying there–dead! They both crouched down starring at it and every once in a while Faith would poke at it like they found a dead frog.

They were so concerned for this balloon that I had to pick it up and put it in the garage to put it out of it’s misery.

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Stair surfing

This is something Faith started doing the other night. She looks like she is having a blast. Enjoy!

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Where is you?

This morning I was putting away clothes after finishing up the laundry and I heard a very faint voice from downstairs saying “Daddy, where is you?” I repeated back from the bedroom “where is you?” And Faith said “here, Daddy.” Then she asked again “where is you, Daddy?” Again I repeated and she said “here, Daddy!” (as if she was annoyed with me).

We finally met each other in the middle of the stairs and Faith excitedly said “there you are!” I smiled and we held hands as we walked down the stairs together.

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