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I was putting Faith in the car and did up her seat belt on her carseat. Then I did up Shawn’s seatbelt and got in the front seat myself. As I was just about to leave Faith said “Daddy seat not tight?” So I tightened her seatbelt on her carseat. She then said…. (more…)


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  • Faithfulness is the external expression of our internal trust (faith) in God 5 days ago
  • Shawn is already done building the LEGO sets he rec’d for Christmas! And no help from Daddy this year. He’s a building machine! 3 weeks ago
  • We changed a #ChristmasTradition. No more PJ’s on Christmas Eve. Faith & Shawn are happy campers with their Christmas Eve gift: books! 3 weeks ago
  • I'm very excited that we are celebrating TEN baptisms tomorrow Sun Dec 10. 5 in each service (9 & 11AM). Then we ar…… 1 month ago

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