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Good little PKs

My wife sent these pictures to me last Sunday with the caption “Reading our Bibles after church…. Good little PKs.”



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Old video of the kids

Here is an old video of Faith and Shawn right after Shawn joined our family. Faith and Shawn are having fun “reading” a book. Look at how much fun they have. So cute. Enjoy.

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Faith “reading” to Shawn

This is a fun video. Faith and Shawn sit down to “read” a book each. Then Shawn gets very much involved in what Faith is “reading” and decides to listen to Faith. You’ll even see him put his book to side so he can pay attention to what Faith is “reading.” Faith “reads” the whole book to him from cover to cover and with great expressions and lots of volume (you might have to turn it down a bit). And Shawn patiently listens. Just as Faith is getting to the end of the book Shawn starts to sing Twinkle Little Star. Faith handles it well. Watch and enjoy.

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Reading Daddy’s books

I just visited one of the new small groups from our church so I had a number of books and DVDs they were reviewing, which I placed in between the kids’ car seats.

Driving home from daycare the kids were talking away as usual, then all of a sudden they got very quiet. I got to a stop light and looked back to see what was going on. Faith had one of my books in her lap leafing through it as if she was reading it. So cute.

Then I got curious, wondering, what is Shawn doing? So at the next light, I turned around to see what he was doing, and sure enough he was “reading” one of my books too. Sitting there with a book in his lap turning the pages like he was actually reading the book. Too funny.

Almost home and I hear Shawn say “Daddy done.” Then he said “more Daddy.” He actually thought he was done reading and wanted another book to “read.” I told him to wait until we got home. He said his favorite word “NO!” Then at the next stop light he and Faith had swapped. That seemed to keep him content until we got home.

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Grandpa Don

Some of you might not know but De-Ann’s Dad (Don) has been living with cancer for a number of years. He has been struggling with main different pains that are associated with the type of cancer he has. He has been in and out of the hospital, sometimes to stay for a while and other times just for tests. But he is very sick. He found out just recently that his cancer is terminal and he only has a little bit of time left. Obviously this is sad news for everyone, especially his daughters and grandkids.

Last week being Thanksgiving we had Don over the week before to spend time with us and De-Ann’s sister (Beth) and her family. We had an amazing meal and Don provided dessert. At that family gathering Grandpa Don got to spend time with each of his grandkids including Faith and Shawn.

Then on the Saturday before Thanksgiving we had him and his friend over for another amazing meal, this time to celebrate thanksgiving. We had a wonderful visit and Grandpa Don was able to spend some extra time with our kids. Below you will see him with his hands full–or should I say arms full! He is reading books to the kids. It is very cute to see him handle two kids at once. Enjoy.

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