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As you know our kids have been taking swimming lesson for the past year. They have been to two sets of classes and moved from a Sea Otter to a Salamander and now they have completed their third set of classes and they have both graduated as Sunfish.

We always knew Faith was a fish and loved the water but never got that from Shawn because every time we go swimming or go to the splash pad he is content to sit just outside the water. However at swimming lesson he really rises to the occasion and when he isn’t being silly, he really swims. He can do his rocket ship, his front floats and his back floats and he is very good at diving for rings at the bottom of the pool (in the shallow end of course).

As I just said Faith is a natural and loves swimming, all kinds of swimming. She also enjoys jumping into the pool and loves diving for rings too. However she doesn’t like waiting. That’s the time she is always getting herself into trouble. She is constantly being told to “sit on her bum” by the swimming instructor. She just needs to be always swimming!

The last few lesson we have had Faith has said to her instructor that she wants to do everything by herself. Did I mention she is very independent, if not, she is.

All in all the kids had a very good season of swimming and they are looking forward to being Sunfish for this next season. Our goal as parents is to have the kids both be able to swim without supervision. And we both agree Faith will probably take it to the next level and become some kind of lifeguard!

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Fishing in a pond

On the first weekend of September we went to visit a good friend where the kids could go swimming in his pool. We all had such a great time and the kids also played in the outdoor pond as well. We were having so much fun that I forgot to take many pictures of the kids. The only pictures I was able to get of the kids playing by the pond. See below.

The kids enjoyed the delicious food, had tons of fun in the pool. So much fun that both kids were not just swimming but jumping into the pool on their own. They had life jackets made just for them so they could go swimming without anyone’s help. They both got so comfortable that jumping into the pool was a regular fun activity.

We finished off the night by going for a walk with the kids and my friend and his dog. The kids had a great time and are looking forward to our next visit. Soon we hope!

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Pool is open

Here are some fun videos of Faith and Shawn enjoying water fun. Pool is open and the water hose is fun to use. Enjoy.

In this video both Shawn and Faith were playing with the water hose and I almost got my iPhone wet. Watch and you’ll see and hear. That’s De-Ann laughing.

Faith and Shawn are playing ring-a-round the rosy in the pool.

Faith is being very bossy, and surprisingly Shawn listens.

Splashing fun.

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