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Good little PKs

My wife sent these pictures to me last Sunday with the caption “Reading our Bibles after church…. Good little PKs.”



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Faith is 5 today!

Wow, my little girl is five years old today. I remember like it was yesterday we were visiting her in the foster home and she was just a baby. See below a few pictures of her from 7 months old to today. Kinda a fun gallery of the changes in our little five year old. [Picture 1: 7 months old, 2: 1 year, 3: 2 years, 4: 3 years, 5: 4 years, 6: 5 years old – today!]

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Christmas eve 2012

This past Christmas eve we started a brand new tradition. After the Christmas eve service I got home and the kids came running to the door asking me if they could open up one gift. So we started a new tradition every Christmas eve the kids can open up one gift, but not just any gift, the gift we choose. We decided to give the kids a new pair of PJ’s each year and that’s the gift they opened. Check out the cute pictures of the kids below.

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My year in review by Facebook

Check out my year in review. Facebook actually did a really good job of finding those events that meant a lot to me. If you have Facebook just click on the link below and it will take you to the review, scroll down and read and look at the pictures. Enjoy!

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Going down memory lane with Faith

Last night just before Faith went to bed, Faith and I started looking at all the pictures I took of her when we were first introduced to her (6 months old) right up until today. I took lots of pictures.

Just before she went to bed we started watching some of the videos I took of Faith as well. It was fun remembering how small she was and how that little baby in the pictures and videos is Faith, the big girl sitting right beside me.

Below is my favourite video of Faith as a little baby, she was probably just over one year old. And below the video is the most recent picture of of Faith (in the glasses) and Shawn (to her left) with their friends Charly & Titus. Big difference. Enjoy…


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Our visit with Liz & “baby Natalia”

We finally had some time to go visit Faith and Shawn’s step-sister “baby Natalia” today. We had a great time playing in the park, hanging out with Liz and Nick (and his daughter) and of course, taking pictures–lots of pictures. I usually take a lot of pictures, but De-Ann also took quite a few with her camera. As you know my pictures are pretty good but De-Ann is a pro. Unfortunately the pictures below are the ones I took, not De-Ann’s. haha.

Liz had some time to connect with both Faith and Shawn together and separately. She was playing on the slide, pushing them on the swing and just hanging out and chatting. It was great to see them calling her Liz and also remembering that they pray regularly for “baby Natalia” and sharing that with Liz.

I think everyone had a great visit and we are scheduling another on for late summer, hopefully. The kids are both looking forward to it. Enjoy the pictures below.

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Canada Day family pictures

Here are some pictures of our family sitting on the Canadian flag I helped paint on the “floor” of our court. Notice the children in the background. As DJ was taking the pictures the kids were swirling around him like bees around their hive. One kid almost hit DJ head on. Thankful he didn’t and DJ is still intact.

So funny how no matter how many pictures we take, one or both of the kids aren’t looking at the camera. The last picture is the best and Shawn still isn’t looking at the camera.

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