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A lesson almost gone wrong

I was trying to teach Faith a lesson on how to treat others’ property. She had smashed our screen door out of anger then after being put on the naughty chair started hitting the chair and screaming.You say, no, not Faith, she’s an angel. Not all the time!

Anyway, I sat her down on her bed after she calmed down and was explaining to her it isn’t nice to smash anything, especially things that don’t belong to you. Then I said “Mommy & Daddy don’t have enough money to replace the screen door if you broke it!” Without batting an eye lash Faith said “you have money in the van, Daddy.” I had to think about it, but finally I said that it was only some change in the van, not enough to pay for a new screen door. Thankfully she accepted that.


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Naughty chair

Sherwin decided to sit on the naughty chair, but we think Oscar should be there. He’s the one who is always being a brat.


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