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A lesson almost gone wrong

I was trying to teach Faith a lesson on how to treat others’ property. She had smashed our screen door out of anger then after being put on the naughty chair started hitting the chair and screaming.You say, no, not Faith, she’s an angel. Not all the time!

Anyway, I sat her down on her bed after she calmed down and was explaining to her it isn’t nice to smash anything, especially things that don’t belong to you. Then I said “Mommy & Daddy don’t have enough money to replace the screen door if you broke it!” Without batting an eye lash Faith said “you have money in the van, Daddy.” I had to think about it, but finally I said that it was only some change in the van, not enough to pay for a new screen door. Thankfully she accepted that.

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Another interesting conversation with Faith, this time about of all things, gum. Enjoy.

I was chewing some gum and Faith asked “Daddy, what do you have in your mouth?” Unfortunately I had to tell her. I really didn’t want her to know about gum for a while, because I don’t want her asking for some. After I told her what it was she asked “why?” Her favourite word and I thought for a few second and said “because Daddy’s breath smells.” She said “your teeth smell Daddy?” I laughed.

I thought that was the end of the conversation, but I was wrong. We got in the van and Faith started up the conversation again this time for Mommy to hear. She said “Mommy do you have gum?” De-Ann told her no. Then Faith said “Daddy has gum in his mouth.” Then she said “when I get older I can find gum in my mouth too.” I smiled and ended up explaining the whole story to De-Ann.

We figured she put two and two together and that’s how she came up with that when she gets older she can chew gum. Because in the past every time Faith asked to do something or have something that was “grown up” like wearing makeup we would say “when you are older you can do…” Smart little cookie.

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Faith’s SECOND surgery

As many of you know Faith has strabismus or “lazy eye” (see older post for info on this…DXH1S9). And back in the summer of 2010 she had a surgery to correct her eyes, but unfortunately it didn’t correct them altogether so yesterday she had another surgery, this time only on her left eye.

Before I write anymore about her surgery and post some pictures I wanted to share with you a bit about the procedure to help you better understand what the surgery actually does. The surgeon told me at Faith’s last pre-op appointment and I thought it was fascinating. Hopefully you will too. He explained it like our eyes have a leash attached to them. Similar to a dog when you yank on the leash the dog turns toward you, same with our eyes, the muscle that keeps our eye looking straight is like a leash so when the surgeon pushes the muscle toward the back of Faith’s head it straightens her eye so it is looking straight on instead of looking down at her nose or out to the left. I thought that was a very practical explanation and helped me to understand what the surgeon was going to be doing to Faith. Hope it helped you too.

Back to Faith’s surgery: Yesterday we left very early in the morning to take Faith to Humber River Hospital on Finch Avenue. It was a long trip and the traffic wasn’t cooperating but we finally arrived and checked it. They put us in a room with four beds. Faith had the bed by the window. We brought her books to read, papers to colour on and our phones if she wanted to watch a movie. She was well entertained before she went in for surgery. The PJ’s they gave her were way too big so the nurse (Angela) went and got her a pair for a 2 year old. They still were too big but we cuffed the pants. You can see below her cute little “outfit.”

It was finally our turn to take Faith down to the surgery floor. By this time the nurse had come and pocked and prodded at Faith enough, she was ready for her surgery. And thankfully for me they didn’t put her IV in until she was in the operating room. Mommy got to go in with her. I had to wait patiently in the waiting room. I was told explicitly to not post a picture of De-Ann with her “get-up” on so unfortunately you are going to have to use your imagination. She had booties for her shoes, a smock gown and a cap for her hair. She looked like a surgeon. haha.

They surgery didn’t take long but she had a long road ahead of her in recovery.

After the surgery the surgeon told us it went very well and there were no complications. But we needed to give Faith eye drops four times a day for seven days. But thankfully it is only in one eye this time. After the surgeon left a few minutes later they called De-Ann into the recovery room and I again had to wait in the waiting room. Good thing I brought my iPad with me so I could catch up on some reading and playing games. Still working on Angry Birds Seasons. But I digress. haha.

About forty minutes later De-Ann texted me to let me know they were leaving the recovery room for Faith’s hospital room. I met them at the elevator and De-Ann was laying beside Faith on the gurney. Faith was fading in and out as I said “hi.” We got on the elevator and eventually into Faith’s bed. She slept most of the time while we quietly sat with her. I held her hand and rubbed her belly. A few times she came out of her sleep to tell us she was thirsty. But right back to sleep. Eventually we did get her some apple juice, and after she drank it she fell back to sleep. After about two hours the nurse came in to take Faith’s vitals and then remove the IV. Needless to say I had to cover my eyes or I would have fainted. Not much help in the medical department, eh?!

At 1pm we were told Faith is free to go so we packed up all our things and carried Faith to the van. She slept the whole way home. This time a shorter and quicker ride home. Before she actually fell asleep she said a few times “Daddy, I still sick.” Poor baby she wasn’t feeling that great and understood it. De-Ann thinks Faith is going to “milk this for all it’s worth.” I tend to agree. Faith is a very smart cookie!

Once we got home I took Faith downstairs to sleep on our couch as I sat beside her. She said to me “Daddy, you put your head on your pillow too.” She wanted me to sleep on the couch too. She slept on the couch most of the afternoon and quickly woke up when she heard her brother Shawn at the front door, home from daycare.

Both kids had a nice supper Mommy prepared then they came downstairs and watched Dora until bedtime. Shawn was so loving to his sister. I think he knew she was “sick.”

Today Faith is still recovering from her surgery, probably she is going to be back to her normal self by Thursday and will most likely be going to daycare. I am sure she will enjoy seeing all her friends, especially Owen H, her best friend. As I am typing she is sleeping beside me on the couch. Check out all the pictures I took yesterday and today. First three are just before her surgery and the last three at right after her surgery (tired little girl) and when we got home (eating a freeze) then this morning after she woke up (showing us her eye).

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Shawn being shy

This is a very old video that I just recently found I had to share with my blog, Facebook and Twitter friends. I believe Shawn was 18 month old or so when I took this video. It’s so cute, he is on De-Ann’s (Mommy) lap as I am trying to film him. You’ll see. Enjoy.

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Well it has finally happened, Faith has stopped watching Mommy and Daddy do house work and now has started to help. Watch the video and see how much effort she is putting into this important chore. There is one part in the video where she calls Shawn to get into the act. He ends up playing.

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Birthday conversations

We were out celebrating De-Ann’s birthday the other night and the kids got talking about birthdays, specifically theirs. Faith said that her’s was next and of course Shawn said no, his was. De-Ann pipped in and told the kids the truth “Daddy’s is next, then Shawn’s, then Faith, but it was a long ways away, not until July.

Faith looked Shawn right in the face and said “my birthday is so far away you can’t even see it!”

I laughed and the funny thing was Faith was serious.

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More stop light conversations

This is the sequel to my conversation with Faith and Shawn about what we do when we come to a stop light. My wife taught them all I am about to share but it is so much cuter when the kids say it.

When we were driving in the van the other day and as usual Faith says “Daddy, green says go.” And Shawn says “Ya, green says go Daddy.” Then I asked Faith, “what do you do when you come to a red light?” Shawn answers before Faith could and says “Stop!” Then Faith said “when you come to a yellow light Daddy you slow down.” I said “very good Baby. Who told you that?” Faith smiled and didn’t answer. I asked again, this time she said again with a big smile, “Mommy!”

As we drove off Shawn said “Daddy, green says go!”

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