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Good little PKs

My wife sent these pictures to me last Sunday with the caption “Reading our Bibles after church…. Good little PKs.”



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BIG screen TV!

I walked into Costco today and this is what was starring me back in the face. It wasn’t hard to miss! I put the kids in front of iit to show how big it really is. Also you will notice the 55″ which used to be the biggest screen made is dwarfed by this 80″.


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Christmas 2012

This past Christmas for the first time since Faith and Shawn joined our family, we spent both Christmas eve and Christmas together, just the four of us! It was nice to not go anywhere and no one came and visited us. Just the four of us! I would say it was quiet but that wouldn’t be true if you have spent any time with either Faith or Shawn or both. haha.

We started off our Christmas morning by reading the Christmas story from a children’s Bible as the kids listened intently. Then we prayed to thank God for the amazing gift of his son and for the time we could spend with our family. Just the four of us!

We had such a great time together and the kids got lots of great gifts from friends. But from us we decided to give the kids four gifts. De-Ann found something on a blog that we have adopted to our own Christmas: something to read, something to wear, something they need, and something they want!

For the two of us, we decided to buy each other one gift. I got De-Ann a bag she has been wanting for a long time and she got me a case / keyboard. We both loved our gifts and we are going to do the same thing next year. Christmas should be simple and fun but we don’t want our kids to get caught up in the “me-factor” that Christmas has become.

Below are a few pictures of our Christmas day. Enjoy.

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Christmas eve 2012

This past Christmas eve we started a brand new tradition. After the Christmas eve service I got home and the kids came running to the door asking me if they could open up one gift. So we started a new tradition every Christmas eve the kids can open up one gift, but not just any gift, the gift we choose. We decided to give the kids a new pair of PJ’s each year and that’s the gift they opened. Check out the cute pictures of the kids below.

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Busy day

What a full day today.

I played 18 holes with a friend early this morning. Got home just in enough time to put my clubs in the garage, then De-Ann and I drove to Ikea to pick up some much needed furniture for her office. It used to be our Dining Room.

BTW…We are so thankful for our new van and the full stow and go seats–they all fold into the floor so we can put anything in there. Like long boxes from Ikea. I almost feel like I have my truck back. Key word: almost.

We dropped off the furniture at home. Quickly jumped into the van to pick up the kids from daycare. Almost forgot we had to put the two front seats back up in place and attach the car seats to them so we have a place for the kids to sit. Haha.

Then we drove East of Toronto to visit with some old friends. Spent the evening there and we are just getting home now. And wouldn’t you know it, the kids just dozed off a minute from us pulling into the driveway. Uggh!

They are finally in bed now and fast asleep. Now my turn. Good night my blog, Facebook & Twitter friends.

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I get nervous when my kids come home with tattoos on the bodies–even if they are wash off ones. I guess I am a bit of a fuddy-duddy when it comes to my kids.

I’d prefer they don’t want to get tattoos and piercings, but I know just because I don’t want them to, they will WANT TO! haha.

Besides, if you know me at all, you know I can’t stand needles. I faint at the thought and sight of them. OOoooh, they I go….

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Kids’ fashion show

Both Faith and Shawn have grown considerably to the point where they are in need of new clothes. So at the beginning of this week I went shopping for both kids–on my own, I might add. haha.

After I got home I got both kids to try on their outfits before I took the tags off, just incase I needed to return some of the items because I had the wrong size. And I did have too. Never fails.

So the pictures below are of the kids’ fashion show. Check out Faith hamming it up and Shawn doesn’t seem to enjoy the fashion show as much.

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