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One of my friends showed this to me the other day and I had to share it with you! A church in Atlanta, North Point, creatively put together a band, iBand, where all they use is iPads and iPhones. They even have the only singer using his iPhone with a voice synthesizer. Enjoy!

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Pool is open

Here are some fun videos of Faith and Shawn enjoying water fun. Pool is open and the water hose is fun to use. Enjoy.

In this video both Shawn and Faith were playing with the water hose and I almost got my iPhone wet. Watch and you’ll see and hear. That’s De-Ann laughing.

Faith and Shawn are playing ring-a-round the rosy in the pool.

Faith is being very bossy, and surprisingly Shawn listens.

Splashing fun.

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Update on my iPhone being stolen

Unfortunately I never did find my phone, I actually wasn’t expecting to. So to replace the phone it is very expensive and the worst part is it isn’t my phone. It’s owned by my work. Which means I do have to replace it eventually.

Thankfully one of the other pastors has lent me his old iPhone 3GS until I can either buy another or Telus can get me a refurbished one. So after over a week I have a phone again, but that’s all it is or at least that’s all I am using it for. Let me explain…

Because I was using a friend’s phone it needed to be unlocked. It took 5 days to get it unlock, but I was told I can’t update it to another OS because it will lock up again. So all my contacts, calendars and apps can’t be synced because the OS my iTunes has is a newer version than the iPhone. Needless to say I am trying to figure out what to do next. I might have to get another iPhone sooner than I hoped and pay the full price. But for now I at least have a phone so if you call or text me please indicate who you are because I don’t have any contacts in my address book at the moment. Thankfully I can still tweet and update my Facebook from my phone.

Can you believe I was without a phone for 10 days and I survived? haha.

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Stolen iPhone

On Tuesday my iPhone was unfortunately stolen! This means that not only is my phone gone but the content is as well. It’s a very uneasy feeling knowing someone else has mine and others info, who I care about.

The only reason I’m putting this on my blog, Facebook and Twitter is so all my friends and family know that if you receive a MSG from me in any form, it’s not me! Once I have my new phone I will contact each of you personally so you will know its me. It could be a few days or a week from now.

I did report the stolen phone to my provider and even tried to do a remote wipe through iCloud but unfortunately as soon as they discontinued my service the phone is offline.

So let’s pray that the thief only wanted the phone and not my content and has already restored the iPhone back to the factory settings. Now my next step is to replace the iPhone. A very expensive endeavor.

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Shawn has started to say words regularly and he recognizes his whole family in pictures. When I pull out my iPhone and show him pictures, I can point at a picture of De-Ann and he will say “Mommy” and when I point a picture of himself he will say “Shawn.” The same for a picture of me, he will say “Daddy.” But when we show him pictures of his sister he says Face which is his way of saying “Faith.” He can’t seem to get the “th” yet.

It is so cute hearing him saying each of these words and more. So cute.

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