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No posts this week…sorry!

I wanted to send out a quick post just to say I will not be writing any posts this week.

I am preparing for a very important retreat I have been asked to speak at. It’s all about leadership. Some would say I have no right speaking about leadership because I don’t know anything about it, and I definitely don’t have the gift or abilities to lead. Others would say it’s not about skill, but heart, passion and integrity, which I have an abundance of.

As I have been preparing for this retreat I have found you need a little bit of both but even more important, especially for Christian leadership, you need the Holy Spirit. So thankfully even if I don’t have the skill but maybe lots of heart, I do have the Holy Spirit to guide me as I prepare and then as I teach this weekend.

Please pray for me as I prepare and lead this weekend.

November 23, 2011 at 8:22 AM 8 comments

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