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Bye gentle man

Faith and I were at the specialist last weekend and as we were leaving the parking lot, we pulled up the parking attendants booth. I said good morning to the attendant and he said good morning back to me. Then from the back of the van Faith yelled “Hi Opa!” BTW this man didn’t look at all like my Dad (Opa to the kids) but anybody who is an older man is Opa to Faith.

I turned around and corrected Faith and said “that’s not Opa, this is a gentleman.” Faith without skipping a beat said with a very loud voice “hello gentle man!” I asked the attendant if he heard her, and he said yes, then we both laughed.

I think Faith made his day. As I was leaving the man was smiling and told us to have a good day. I love how my kids leave such a lasting impression on others, especially adults!

November 17, 2012 at 8:28 PM 2 comments

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