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Basement Reno: 6 month mark

The 6 month mark for our basement was October 24. That date has come and gone and there is quite a bit to be done, mostly little things, but still quite a bit.

You will see from the pictures below our contractor has started the shower tiles finally and all the flooring, trim and doors are installed. Everything looks so great. I just can’t wait for the rest to get done. Still to complete the shower, vanity and lighting in the bathroom. And in the living room the tiles on the fireplace. Then a whole bunch of little things like the door for the electrical box, filling holes in the trim, touching up blemishes on walls, finishing door jams and other door fixtures and lots of cleaning. I probably have missed some things, but hopefully this will all be complete by December.

Picture #1: our storage room is starting to fill up. Picture #2: the cold storage door and handle is installed. Pictures #3-5: the subway tile is starting to be installed in the bathroom shower. Picture #6 hallway is looking great with all the trim, flooring and doors installed. Love the openness and size of the hallway. Pictures #7-8: shows the tile that De-Ann has chosen for the fireplace. Picture #9: is the funky light fixture De-Ann chose for the living room opposite of were the TV is going.

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Day 106-108 of the reno

We are hopefully only a week away from the reno being complete. This past week the baseboards and trim around the doors were put up and the floor was completed.

Now all that is left is the shower tiles in the bathroom, the vanity, light fixture and in-floor heating switch. Also, the stone tiles on the fireplace, and the door for the electrical box.

Other than that, I have to put up the TV on the wall, the speakers and the cabinet to hold all the audio / video components. Last but not least my brother is coming on Wednesday to finish the CAT5 wiring for the internet for the basement. Then and only then will our reno be complete. Then there is the furnishing of the basement, which is where De-Ann takes over.

But more importantly we finally get to empty our dinning room of all the boxes and furniture and we can finally use our garage for what it was meant to be used for … parking!

Keep checking in, because I am sure there will be a few monkey wrenches  thrown in for good measure. It never works out the way you plan. Uggh!

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Day 92-105 of the reno

I know it has been a long time since I have posted an update on our reno but unfortunately it has been very slow going. My last post was on August 31 and since then the contractor has only been able to be at the house about ten days out of the last month and a half…because of sickness, a very sick dog, and other issues all beyond his control.

But I am pleased to say the reno is almost done. As I am typing right now the floor is being finished (we love the way it looks with the colours we chose on the walls). The other things left to do are the bathroom shower and the fireplace stones. Then a bit of touch ups here and there and it will be complete. We are hoping to see the whole project finished by mid-week next week.

Unfortunately the contractor has a deadline that he cannot miss: Oct 22! De-Ann’s Mom is coming down and we need to have the bedroom complete so we can start putting furniture in and start getting ready for her arrival. Please pray there are no more set-backs.

Picture #1-5: the living room flooring is almost done. The fireplace is still waiting patiently for it’s stone. Picture #6-8: the flooring is still to be done in the bedroom and closet but the painting all complete. Pictures #9-10: this is an example of the door we chose and the door handle. Picture #11-16: shows that most of the flooring is complete in the hallway. The only place that is still to be done is in front of the stairs. Pictures #17: the cold storage door is framed and put in.

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