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David is everywhere

When David got back from Alaska, he gave Faith and Shawn each a furry friend. For Faith he gave a bumble bee and Shawn a tiny puppy.

Both kids named their furry friends on the way home from the airport. Faith of course, right away named her bumble bee David. But Shawn called his puppy Daddy. The next morning I somehow got in Shawn’s bad books so he named his puppy Mommy. When I picked him up from daycare that night I asked what the name of the puppy was and he told me it was Denita. Then after about two minutes he told me the puppy’s name was Becky. Then the name changed to Joel. By the time we got home Shawn had changed the name of his puppy to David. And it has been that ever since.

So both of the furry friends the “real” David gave to our kids are now called David. Of course.

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Faith’s birthday & Canada Day 2012

July 1st is not only Canada’s birthday but it is also Faith’s. And yesterday Faith turned 4 years old. I still can’t believe she is now school aged. She starts JK in September. Wow!

For both Faith’s birthday and Canada Day we had a celebration with lots of friends over, as well our court has a special celebration for Canada Day with fireworks at the end of the night. You’ll see in the pictures below all the people that came out for the Canada Day celebration. We even took a picture of all those who attended on top of the Canadian flag we painted on the “floor” of the court.

We parked one of our cars in our garage and the other in our neighbours driveway so we could set-up two tables for all our friends and family to eat around. The tables where dressed with everything yellow. That’s because Faith loves the colour yellow. It’s her favourite!

From the moment we got home De-Ann was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, ribs, shiskabobs, and special sauce where among the delicacies to eat. And each family also brought a side dish of some type. De-Ann made cupcakes and homemade icing for Faith’s birthday instead of a cake. What a great idea and they were delicious. You’ll even see Faith blowing out four candles on her very own cupcake with yellow icing, of course.

We chatted, ate and just a had a great time hanging out. So thankful to have our special friends celebrating with us. You all mean so very much to us. We love each one of you: DJ & Caitlyn, Drew, Diane, Denita, Joel & Rini, Rebecca & Tyler, Max & Elizabeth, Titus & Josiah and Andy & Nita. Each one of you are our extended family. And a special thank you to Linette (my sister) and Peter for stopping by. We had such a great time with all of you.

One other special guest showed up just after we finished supper, the Peel Fire Department. You’ll see the the pictures below we even got to take pictures of the kids in and around the fire truck. Faith even got to where the fireman’s helmet, so did Denita. haha.

July 1st weekend was also a very special weekend because it marked the anniversary of when Shawn first visited our home. Only a few days later Shawn joined our family permanently. Wow, it’s amazing what has happened in one short year. Praise God for his provision and care for our little family.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

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Father’s Day 2012

This is the first Father’s Day where we have both kids. Both Faith and Shawn’s classes at daycare had a special ice cream party for me on two separate days. So I got to have a cone on Thursday and a sundae on Friday. Gotta love it when you get that many treats in one week and best of all, for free.

Both Faith and Shawn gave me a special gift they made at daycare, you can see the cool gifts. The funny thing is they both gave me their gifts but when we got in the car they wanted to hold onto the gift they just gave me. But after we got home BOTH kids wouldn’t give the gift back and when I went to take it from them they got really upset. I don’t think they understand the idea behind the joy of giving rather than receiving. We’ll have teach them that lesson, I guess.

Then on Friday De-Ann and I had planned a date, but little did I know what De-Ann actually had prepared–a Father’s Day date. First we went to a special ice cream place where they put the ingredients into the ice cream flavour of your choice: Marble Slab Creamery. Then we went to the driving range to hit a jumbo bucket of balls. De-Ann had put my clubs, shoes and glove in the trunk in advance. Great time hitting balls with my Sweetheart! Then we went to a new park on the Lakeshore and walked on the shoreline. While on our date our kids’ favourite babysitter was taking care of our kids–Denita. Not sure if she knew what De-Ann had planned, but she was a big part of us going on our date. Thanks Denita!

Then today, Saturday, the kids and De-Ann made me a cool Father’s Day card and bought me a Holland soccer jersey–something I have really wanted. Fun! Pictures to follow soon. Maybe in my next post. Stay tuned.

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I wanted to take a few minutes to write a post about someone who has been so good to us as a family and never asked for anything in return. She is a close friend to us and especially Faith and Shawn, just like a Grandma. They love her so much and look forward to seeing her whenever she comes to visit, or when they see her at church.

By now you have guessed her name is Denita. For some of you, you have no idea who she is. And to the rest, who know Denita and see our kids interact with her, you already know what I am writing about is true.

I wanted to tell you about the first time Denita offered to take care of our kids and started a relationship with my family that will last forever–I’m sure of it. I remember Denita coming up to me and offering to babysit our kids because my Mom had just recently passed away and De-Ann’s Mom lives so far away. She wanted us to have a chance to get out for a date once and awhile to keep our relationship strong. She has never stopped offering. Along with her kids and one of Denita’s boy’s girlfriend we have had many chances to go on dates because so many people want to babysit our kids. We are so blessed.

Denita went above and beyond anything she has ever done this weekend. She offered to get the kids up and take them to church this morning so I could do my usual thing. As you probably know, I am a pastor, and Sunday is a work day for me so I needed to be at work early and leave late. So having Denita to take care of the kids most of the day until I got home was so helpful.

But check this out, she came over last night so I could put the car seats in her car. Then she came back the next morning, early, to wake the kids up, give them breakfast and bring them to the second service. Meanwhile I left for work, and didn’t have to worry about anything especially what to do with them while I was “working” that morning. I don’t consider what I do work, but it is my job. I love it BTW!

We are so blessed to have a friend like Denita. Words cannot express or thanks for who she is to our family and what she has done. We love you Denita!

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Our “extended family”

We were on the way home from daycare and Faith asks “we going to church, Daddy?” I told her we weren’t going until Sunday. Then I counted the days out for her so she would understand how far away that was. Then I told her “that’s four days, Baby.”

Then Faith said “four days, Daddy?” I said “yes, Baby.” Then Faith said “See David?” I laughed and said “yes.” Then Shawn piped up and said “Wini!” which is the way he says Rini, another member of our “extended family.” I asked both kids “who else are you going to see at church?” Faith said “Becky” I asked who else and eventually they named off the other members (Joel & Denita) that is after Faith mentioned David’s name 2 or 3 times. She just adores David!

This family (the Penner’s) means so much to us and especially to Faith and Shawn. They have adopted the Penners and the Penners have adopted our kids.

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Christmas 2011 part 3

As promised here is part 3 of our Christmas celebrations. This celebration took place at a home of a lady who is near and dear to all us–not just the kids. She is so special and we love her so much. BTW he name is Denita.

I have to tell you how it all happened. Denita was working at the church with me and one day came up to me and told me she wanted to help De-Ann and I out. She went on to explain that she wanted to make sure we had some time together, just the two of us, on a date once and a while. And to make that happen she was willing to come and babysit Faith (eventually Shawn) while we went out on our date. She told us since my Mom had passed away and De-Ann’s Mom lived so far away we didn’t have someone to take care of the kids for free and she wanted to do that for us. We have been so blessed to have Denita in our life and now her kids. Both Faith and Shawn love them all!

So we celebrated Christmas with Denita and her family on Christmas night. They put on a huge meal, it was delicious. Then before we went home, the gave us a lovely basket of treats, some of our fav things and toys for the kids to enjoy. So thoughtful of them and as you can see from the pictures below the kids and Denita’s kids had a great time. BTW Denita’s “kids” are not kids anymore. They are all in their twenty’s. And Rini, even though she is not Denita’s daughter has become like family to our kids as well.

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