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Chest pains

I had a very interesting weekend, to say the least. Let me start at the beginning.

On Friday, Feb 8, as you all know we had the beginning of a huge snow storm that lasted all Friday and into the night. That morning I got up and went outside to shovel snow and get the vehicles cleared off. I started to clear the snow from behind the car De-Ann drives and then she came outside and had to leave. After she left I continued to clear away all the snow on that side of our driveway. Then I did the walkway and stairs. Went inside to get the kids dressed and ready to go to daycare.

We looked outside only 20 minutes later and you couldn’t even tell I had shovelled the driveway. That’s how much snow had fallen. Crazy!

After the kids were all dressed in their winter gear we went outside to a very warm van. I continued to clear away the snow from the walkway and the stairs so the kids wouldn’t slip. Then we all quickly got in the van and took off for daycare.

On our trip to daycare, the wipers started to accumulate ice on them. About 5 minutes into our drive I stopped and knocked off the ice from the wipers. This was my first episode of chest pains. It was sharp but only lasted for a thirty seconds. I had skipped breakfast so I thought to myself, “this is what it feels like to not have breakfast.” I thought to myself “note to self, never skip breakfast again. This feels awful.” I jumped back in the van and continued on our way. Further down the road the the ice started to build up again, so at the next stop light I go out and knocked the ice of the wipers again. This time the pain hit me so hard I started to feel like I couldn’t breath. Again it only lasted thirty seconds or so and I was off again.

Meanwhile the kids both had brought some card games with them for “show and share” at their daycare, and both of them had opened the packaging and had the cards all over the van. Faith was telling on Shawn and Shawn started to get upset. It was chaos. But I continued to travel to the daycare.

When I arrived at the daycare, I got out of the van and opened the door on Shawn’s side and saw he had let all his cards but four fall all over the floor of the van. By this time the pain in my chest was becoming unbearable but I pressed through it to help Shawn clean up the cards and pick him out of the van–even though he didn’t want my help. Then I told him to go to the sidewalk and wait for me. He didn’t want to, but finally he listened. Then I went over to the other side of the van to get Faith out and of course she had let all her cards out of the packaging and they were half on her lap in her chair and on the floor. I really wanted to sit down but I knew I needed to get her out of the van and into her class. I rested by holding onto her carseat with both hands and leaning my head on it. She proceeded to pat my head. Eventually I got up enough strength to help her collect all her cards and lift her out of the van and I got them both to walk to the front door of the daycare. Punched in the code and walked in the front door. The pain was more than I could handle by this time and I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath so I sat on the chair right by the door. I told Faith to go get undressed herself and I would be there soon. I was breathing very quickly and erratically and the pain in the chest was getting worse. The manager of the daycare saw I was in stress and asked if she could call an ambulance. I told her no, that I just needed to catch my breath. [Boy was I wrong!]

By this time Faith was all dressed and came back to where I was sitting to say good-bye. She gave my leg a hug. Shawn the whole time was standing right beside me holding onto my leg. The manager knew I needed help even though I didn’t want it and called 911. By this time other teachers from different classrooms showed up to help and took Shawn to his classroom. He didn’t want to go, but I was thankful they took both kids to their classrooms.

The pain was impossible and I could barely sit anymore and I finally asked the manager of the daycare if I could lay on the floor in her office. Of course she allowed me to.

One thing I don’t want to forget to mention, one of the mothers asked me which van was mine and went out and turned off the van and brought me the keys and my cell phone. That is so amazing because if I had not had my cell I wouldn’t have been able to text and call the people I did to inform them about what was going to happen next…

The next thing I saw was a fireman starring me in the face asking me all kinds of questions. Then the paramedics showed up and next thing I knew I was taking my first ride in an ambulance [I can mark that off my bucket list]. They took me to the nearest hospital as I was connected to an ECG machine and oxygen mask. My paramedics were amazing, Kevin was the guy who worked with me as Audra drove. When we arrived at the hospital I wasn’t in any pain anymore but they wanted to make sure I was admitted into the ER. I laid on that stretcher for a bit more than an hour. Of course I took the time to get to know my paramedics. They are two amazing people, Kevin is a full time fireman and does the paramedics job on his days off and obviously a work-aholic. Audra has been a paramedic for 24 years and still loves doing it.

I finally was admitted to the ER and they put me in a bed where I had my first of 12 needles that weekend [I like to call them pokes]. By this time De-Ann had arrived from downtown. Unfortunately when she got the call I was going to the hospital she was just getting off the train. And the next train or bus was going to be at least 30 minutes. So she took a taxi which was the fastest way to get to me and the most expensive.

The two of us waited for the results of my first test or blood work. We met with the ER doctor and he told us that usually the first test will show very little and we would be repeating blood work again in six hours! [Yes, you heard that right. Six hours!] But he did say that with the story I described and the results from the first test, the second test would not show anything and we would be free to go home. We did the second test six hours later as he suggested. Then an hour later he told us the news. Not what we expected at all, and from his reaction, not what he expected either.

The results where that I had enzymes in my blood quite a bit above the level I should which usually means something is serious going on within my heart that needed to be looked at. He told us this news and then said “I am sorry but you are not going anywhere.” I was floored, I was thinking we were both going to go home and relax until we needed to pick up the kids. [Again, I was wrong]. Next thing you know I am being admitted to the hospital, not for a day but for four.

I almost forgot, the nurses in the ER were amazing but the poked me another four times before I went upstairs to my room. I waited for a bed for another four hours. While I was waiting I had both of the paramedics come and visit me before I was shipped upstairs. Great to see them both again and get a chance to introduce them to De-Ann.

The story from here gets interesting. I find out that I am going to do some more tests and meet with a cardiologist. I think by this time I am feeling like I am in the Twilight Zone. The whole idea of being in the hospital for my heart was surreal. I have no other way to describe it.

After a restless night sleep I am greeted by a nurse who wants to take my blood again. Then a few hours later I finally have the conversation with the cardiologist. Nice enough guy but not good news. He told me that they were going to schedule an angiogram for me on Monday and until then they are going to monitor me and continue to do blood tests. Uggh. As I am writing this I have had 12 pokes and I feel and look like a pin cushion. Even my daughter, Faith, was pointing at all my marks where they poked me and said “Daddy are those boo-boos?”

I saw the cardiologist again this morning (Sunday) and he had good news and bad news. Good news was that he did one of the many blood tests on me to see if I had a blood clot in my lungs. The test came back proving I didn’t [yeah]. The bad news was that means my issue was either a heart attack or a blockage in one of the arteries of my heart. He was leaning toward the blockage. But again this was an educated guess. The truth will be found when he does my angiogram. So I wait.

Here I am the night before my angiogram and sit here sharing with all of you my adventure so far. Please pray with me as I go into this procedure and try to be at peace.

One last thing, I was so blessed by so many amazing people during this ordeal, all the medical professionals (Patrice, Ashley, Blayne, Sophie, Patricia, Jan, Sheryl, Crista), my neighbour (Ryan) as he cleared our driveway with the help of one of my friends (Glen) from our small group who drove all the way from Brampton. Another neighbour (Michelle) who drove with De-Ann to go get the van from the daycare. Still more of our neighbours (Paul, John, Ryan) who helped De-Ann get through the snow to park the van. One of our special friends (Denita) who took care of the kids while De-Ann visited me in the hospital and ran around getting the van, my stuff, etc. Another one of our amazing friends (Glen & Nadine) who took care of the kids while De-Ann visited me today (Sunday). And of course all the staff (Deric, Max, DJ, Aaron, Donnette, Denita, Diane) at the church I work with, they have been so supportive and loving and shown me true care and love. And so great to have them all visit me this weekend. Not to mention all the amazing people at my church who called, emailed or texted me during this whole adventure. And continue to do so. And last but certainly not least my family, my Dad, sisters Joy and Linette and my brother Paul and Phil. And of course my own family, my two kids Faith and Shawn and my best friend in the world, love of my life and my Sweetie: De-Ann. I am so blessed to have such an amazing wife!

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Dead balloon

Faith and Shawn were given some balloons this past weekend from a birthday party they attended. Of course, they were filled with helium so they were floating in the air when we got home. Oh, and they are attached to a weight to keep them from floating to the ceiling, of course. It was pretty late when we got home so the kids went straight to bed. The last thing they saw was the balloons floating next to the stairs.

The next morning after getting dressed they ran down the stairs and saw that all but one balloon was on the floor. Faith said to Shawn, “the balloon died Shawn.” Shawn said “oh no!” And they both put on sad faces. Then we left for daycare.

Tonight on the way home for some reason Faith remembered about the balloons and said to Shawn “the balloon died everywhere.” Then she said to me “if the balloon died everywhere then we have to go to the new house.” I asked her to explain and she just said the same thing over again.

When we finally got in the house the kids noticed the balloons were all gone. De-Ann had put them in the garage before she left for work. Faith said “the balloon died everywhere” and ran to the living room. Then I heard a scream. After turning on the light Faith and Shawn found one of the balloons. Oscar (our cat) had dragged it in the living room. And they both saw it lying there–dead! They both crouched down starring at it and every once in a while Faith would poke at it like they found a dead frog.

They were so concerned for this balloon that I had to pick it up and put it in the garage to put it out of it’s misery.

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Because I said so

because I said soFaith and Shawn constantly ask me the same question when we drive by a strip mall full of restaurants including the the big “M” (I dare not even write the words out incase someday the kids can read it out loud). The question is “can we pick something up?” This is a question that rings in my ears constantly. This is the question that the kids know means, we get to have something special for supper. This is also the question I believe De-Ann asked me a long time ago and the kids were listening. Too bad.

So on our way home from daycare this afternoon Shawn asked that dreaded question, once again. I usually just say quickly “no” and hope the kids won’t push the point, but most of the time it is followed by a simple word “WHY?” And like thousands of times before, Shawn asked “why Daddy?” And before I had a chance to answer Faith answered for me. She said “because Daddy says so.” It was so cute hearing her answer for me. And I thought to myself, “ya, what she said” and I smiled.

I remember my Dad giving the same answer and I vowed I would never say the same thing. But here I am many years later using the same phrase to stop the kids from inquiring further.

Tell me, anyone use this phrase to answer your kids inquiries? And more importantly did you also vow not to because your parents used the same phrase on you?

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Shawn’s new friend: Courtney

At the beginning of this week we found out Shawn had a new friend in his life. For the longest time Shawn has been talking non-stop about Lucas. He couldn’t wait to get to daycare to see his good friend. It was so great to know Shawn had a friend to hang out with because Faith is now in JK and doesn’t get to Shawn very often.

Back to his new friend. On the way home from daycare the other day Shawn and Faith were having a conversation where Shawn was telling Faith about someone named “Cornie.” I continued to eavesdrop on the conversation and discovered Shawn was talking about a girl. Oh my!

After little bit of probing I figure out her name was Courtney, not Cornie like he was pronouncing it.

He finally said to me “Daddy Cornie loves me, but not Lucas!” Then he smiled a shy smile. The kid is barely 3 years old and he has a ‘girlfriend!’ I can’t believe this. I’m glad its just puppy love. The scary thing is he refers to her as his girlfriend and when he arrives at daycare she is waiting there at the door to give him a big hug.

The sad part is his teacher told me Shawn had stopped playing with Lucas and exclusively plays with Courtney. Poor Lucas. Hopefully this is just a phase or fad???!

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The mind of a 4 year old

This is a glimpse into the mind of my 4 year old, Faith, through a simple conversation we had as I was pulling out of my parking spot at her daycare. You can definitely see how her logic works anyway.

Faith: Daddy did you bump that car?

Daddy: No, that’s not good to bump cars. I don’t bump cars Faith

Faith: No?

Daddy: It’s not good to Bump cars. You never want cars to hit each other.

Faith: Bumping cars is an accident Daddy?

Daddy: Yes, we never want to have an accident with cars.

Shawn: No, Daddy, vans. [He is always correcting me. Everything has to be exact]

Daddy: Yes, vans too Shawn.

Faith: Accidents should only be in the toilet, Daddy.

I laughed.

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Busy day

What a full day today.

I played 18 holes with a friend early this morning. Got home just in enough time to put my clubs in the garage, then De-Ann and I drove to Ikea to pick up some much needed furniture for her office. It used to be our Dining Room.

BTW…We are so thankful for our new van and the full stow and go seats–they all fold into the floor so we can put anything in there. Like long boxes from Ikea. I almost feel like I have my truck back. Key word: almost.

We dropped off the furniture at home. Quickly jumped into the van to pick up the kids from daycare. Almost forgot we had to put the two front seats back up in place and attach the car seats to them so we have a place for the kids to sit. Haha.

Then we drove East of Toronto to visit with some old friends. Spent the evening there and we are just getting home now. And wouldn’t you know it, the kids just dozed off a minute from us pulling into the driveway. Uggh!

They are finally in bed now and fast asleep. Now my turn. Good night my blog, Facebook & Twitter friends.

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Since De-Ann is away this weekend, and the kids were at daycare all day, I was able to have a me-day. It sounds selfish, but it was nice to be able to just do things I enjoy. It’s been a long time since I have been able to do so especially with De-Ann’s crazy work schedule the past 6 weeks.

So I did all of my favorite things: caught an early morning flick at AMC for $6. Went golfing at Hornby Glen Golf Course, just down the road from our house, that I played pretty well. Met some interesting guys I ended up playing alongside. And just before I picked up the kids I bought myself a Slurpee–Coke & Mountain Dew, my favorite flavours combined.

That was my me-day. But the rest of the weekend I will be hanging out with the kids. It should be a great weekend while De-Ann is away celebrating her birthday, early, with her two closest friends.

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