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A lesson almost gone wrong

I was trying to teach Faith a lesson on how to treat others’ property. She had smashed our screen door out of anger then after being put on the naughty chair started hitting the chair and screaming.You say, no, not Faith, she’s an angel. Not all the time!

Anyway, I sat her down on her bed after she calmed down and was explaining to her it isn’t nice to smash anything, especially things that don’t belong to you. Then I said “Mommy & Daddy don’t have enough money to replace the screen door if you broke it!” Without batting an eye lash Faith said “you have money in the van, Daddy.” I had to think about it, but finally I said that it was only some change in the van, not enough to pay for a new screen door. Thankfully she accepted that.

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Shawn & praying

Every night the kids and I (and De-Ann) have a number of things we do before we put the kids down to sleep. We call it the night time routine. One of those things is praying with the kids. When they were much younger either De-Ann or myself would pray now that they are older and understanding about praying, they both pray. We always hold hands with the kids as we pray and they know they need to close their eyes and be quiet when someone else is praying.

The other night as Shawn and I were praying and holding hands (as we usually do) he let go of one of my hands and next thing I know I am holding hands with one of his furry friends (Puppy). I momentarily opened my eyes and Shawn had taken his Puppy and put him between us where Shawn was holding one paw and I was holding the other. As to say “Puppy needs to pray too Daddy.”


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Devastated Daddy

This morning I was taking Shawn to his class after dropping Faith off at hers. I helped him get his coat and boots off then proceeded to say “good-bye” to him. A good-bye consist of two hugs (one of each shoulder), a kiss and an Eskimo kiss (rubbing our noses together).

Shawn gave me the two hugs, as usual, them I proceeded to kiss him and before I got close to his face he said “no Daddy, I don’t like kisses.” I asked him why and he said “I don’t like kisses anymore!” Then he said, “no kisses Daddy. No Eskimo kisses either.” And off he went into his class.

I have to be honest, I was devastated. I thought to myself, “is Shawn too old for kisses?” Then I thought, “how could he be, he is only 3!”

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Another interesting conversation with Faith, this time about of all things, gum. Enjoy.

I was chewing some gum and Faith asked “Daddy, what do you have in your mouth?” Unfortunately I had to tell her. I really didn’t want her to know about gum for a while, because I don’t want her asking for some. After I told her what it was she asked “why?” Her favourite word and I thought for a few second and said “because Daddy’s breath smells.” She said “your teeth smell Daddy?” I laughed.

I thought that was the end of the conversation, but I was wrong. We got in the van and Faith started up the conversation again this time for Mommy to hear. She said “Mommy do you have gum?” De-Ann told her no. Then Faith said “Daddy has gum in his mouth.” Then she said “when I get older I can find gum in my mouth too.” I smiled and ended up explaining the whole story to De-Ann.

We figured she put two and two together and that’s how she came up with that when she gets older she can chew gum. Because in the past every time Faith asked to do something or have something that was “grown up” like wearing makeup we would say “when you are older you can do…” Smart little cookie.

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