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We’re in the car on the way home and Faith and I are having conversation about my Dad or to the kids, Opa.

De-Ann and I are having a conversation in the front seat as Faith eavesdrops (something she is getting very good at). As we are speaking I mention that I really want to go visit my Dad on Friday if possible. Then Faith says from the back “my Dad, Daddy?” I say “no Faith, Daddy’s Dad. That’s Opa.” Faith sits and listens then says “Daddy’s Dad?” And again I tell her he’s my Dad and that everyone has a Dad, even me. To reiterate I say ” Daddy’s Dad is Opa. I have a Dad.” Faith pauses, thinks then says “I have a Mommy, Maddy.” (Maddy is Faith’s way of melds our names together: Mommy & Daddy = Maddy). We both laugh, then she says “I have a Shawn!” Again we laugh.

Faith says the cutest things.

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Crazy week

I was just thinking about the week I am having and it is only Thursday!

Not so much how busy it was, that’s normal, but more so how it has affected my little family. I have been out now three nights of the week and I am out again tonight. I am hoping this will not continue into the rest of the month. Actually the rest of the month is only a few days away. Uggh!

So this week was full of obligations in ministry, a “thank-you” to a friend, and visiting my Dad. The obligations are a business meeting on Wednesday night and tonight I start a brand new men’s small group by going to see the movie Courageous. And on Tuesday night after I put the kids to bed I took my friend DJ to see Real Steel as a thank you for helping with putting together our Ikea furniture last week. He was at our house for hours working away and not complaining. He has such a servants heart. And then of course on Monday night I visited Dad in Brantford as he continues to recover. So that will be four nights out in one week.

Thankfully I am off tomorrow and I get to spend the whole day with the kids while De-Ann and her Mom take off for the day. Hmmm…what to do with the kids tomorrow. Lots of great things to do, can’t wait!!

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Latest update on my Dad

Another update on my Dad’s recovery. I got a chance to visit him yesterday evening at my Aunt’s.

When I got to my Aunt’s house and walked in the door Dad said, “can you to take me home? I want to check on things.” So we jumped in my car and drove over to Dad’s house. While driving Dad and I had a good talk about his condition, the fact that he has been able to do a lot more walking with his walker, but today he over did it. So we talked about him putting limits on himself. Hopefully he will do so.

When we finally got to Dad’s house we knocked on the door and Joy nearly jumped out of her skin! I think we both surprised her and scared her! But she was overjoyed to see Dad that she gave him a big hug.

We spent over an hour hanging out with Joy. One of Dad’s neighbours came over to see him when he found out Dad was back home. This man was so happy to see Dad. He told Dad this was a huge answer to prayer. As I was listening I realized that Dad had made an impact on this guys life. Actually not just his life, but his whole family. On many occasions some one from this family would come over to take care of the house and feed the cat while Joy was away at Fair Havens. They would start the van so it wouldn’t cease up and even cut the lawn in the summer or shovel the snow in the winter. But Mom (when she was alive) and Dad also have done much for this family as well. They would give them clothes for all their kids, extra food to eat and also help with chores and jobs around the house. This family had become part of our family and Dad had become part of theirs’. It was a neat experience seeing how much this man loved Dad, and Dad him. The man hugged Dad before he left and then we said good-bye to Joy and left ourselves.

When we got back to my Aunt’s house I helped Dad into the house, said a quick “hello” and “good-bye” to my Aunt and her daughter and left for home. I wanted to be home in time to help put the kids to bed. Tonight was bath night!

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Another update on my Dad

As many of you already know Dad is out of the hospital and staying at his sister’s house until he is fully recovered and able to walk without any help and without loosing his breath.

I had a chance to visit him today and he is doing much better. Stronger looking and sitting up in an easy chair. But in my opinion he has a ways to go before he is back to his normal self. I hope and pray he will take his time getting better and not try to rush it. I want him to be back to normal before he leaves to be back at home for good.

While I visited Dad we got a chance to go out for supper where Dad had a chance to use his new cane. His cane is made of wood and has a mallard duck head. Dad is really doing well at walking with it.

I am so thankful for my Uncle Bill and Aunt Corrie’s hospitality and how gracious they have been in taking care of my Dad while he recuporates. They have been so good to not only take him in but love and care for him during his time in the hospital and now while he fully recovers.

Check out the picture of Dad with his new cane. He has lost a lot of weight and is starting to get stronger.

Please keep praying.

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My Dad is getting out!

For those of you have been praying I wanted to let you know Dad is finally getting out of the hospital tomorrow morning (Friday).

But please don’t stop praying. He is still using a walker to get around. Pray he will be able to walk without it and he will be able to walk without loosing his breath. He is going to his sister’s for at least a week to recuperate. Please continue to pray for his recovery. Thank you for all those who visited him while he was in the hospital.

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Update on my Dad

I know many of you are praying for my Dad and I wanted to post a quick update of  how he is doing. And BTW thank you for all your prayers!

I got a chance to visit Dad today after dropping Joy off at home after he weekend away in Fair Havens. He was in really good spirits and was told by the doctors that his fever is gone! He still has pneumonia but his immunity system is strong enough to fight it off without the antibiotics he has been taking in the hospital. All really good news.

The final step to allow him to leave the  hospital is the physiotherapist okay! Dad has to be able to walk without a walker and without loosing his breath. Once that happens I think the physiotherapist will approve Dad to leave. It could be as early as Wednesday or as late as next week.

The next step in Dad’s recovery is to spend at least one week at his sister’s home. So please keep praying, and thank you.

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