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Where is you?

This morning I was putting away clothes after finishing up the laundry and I heard a very faint voice from downstairs saying “Daddy, where is you?” I repeated back from the bedroom “where is you?” And Faith said “here, Daddy.” Then she asked again “where is you, Daddy?” Again I repeated and she said “here, Daddy!” (as if she was annoyed with me).

We finally met each other in the middle of the stairs and Faith excitedly said “there you are!” I smiled and we held hands as we walked down the stairs together.

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Outgrowing everything

A couple of weekends ago we did a huge purging job of the kids clothes and toys when we realized Faith and Shawn had outgrown much of the clothes they owned or at least was in their dressers and closet. Especially Faith.

So of course after we realized most of Faith pants and shirts don’t fit her we had to go shopping! Yay (read with sarcasm, because I can’t stand shopping). Shawn only had a few things to replace but most of his pants and shirts were still his size. As you can see from the pictures below we only bought Shawn a pair of PJ’s. But Faith we ended up getting a bunch of pants and a number of shirts. I hope you enjoy the kids posing for the camera.

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Kids’ fashion show

Both Faith and Shawn have grown considerably to the point where they are in need of new clothes. So at the beginning of this week I went shopping for both kids–on my own, I might add. haha.

After I got home I got both kids to try on their outfits before I took the tags off, just incase I needed to return some of the items because I had the wrong size. And I did have too. Never fails.

So the pictures below are of the kids’ fashion show. Check out Faith hamming it up and Shawn doesn’t seem to enjoy the fashion show as much.

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Laundry with Shawn

Shawn was helping me with the laundry this afternoon. He helped take the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Then out of the dryer into a laundry basket so we could fold them up.

While taking the clothes out of the dryer Shawn would name the person the item belonged to. Like he would say “Faith” as he pulled one of her shirts, then “Mommy” when he took out her jeans. He could even tell the difference between my socks and De-Ann’s and they were both black. Impressive.

The best part was when he took out one of his shirts, socks or pants he would say his name and then hold onto each item until he had a pile of clothes in his arms.

I can see him taking over the laundry duties from me soon. At least I’m hoping.

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