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The mind of a 4 year old

This is a glimpse into the mind of my 4 year old, Faith, through a simple conversation we had as I was pulling out of my parking spot at her daycare. You can definitely see how her logic works anyway.

Faith: Daddy did you bump that car?

Daddy: No, that’s not good to bump cars. I don’t bump cars Faith

Faith: No?

Daddy: It’s not good to Bump cars. You never want cars to hit each other.

Faith: Bumping cars is an accident Daddy?

Daddy: Yes, we never want to have an accident with cars.

Shawn: No, Daddy, vans. [He is always correcting me. Everything has to be exact]

Daddy: Yes, vans too Shawn.

Faith: Accidents should only be in the toilet, Daddy.

I laughed.

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A walk with my son

Tonight before the kids went to bed Shawn and I went for a short walk around the block. Mommy and Faith stayed home and played in the court.

As we started our walk Shawn right away told me we need to go a particular way. So we started walking down a street and we got to the corner and I asked Shawn which way. So we headed further and further away from the house. I was hoping this was going to be a short walk, especially for his short little legs. Once we got to the next corner, I made a decision to go across the street towards our house. Shawn seemed to be good with us going back towards the house. Thankfully.

For the next 20 minutes or so Shawn started telling me all about the cars he saw as we walked. “Red car Daddy” as a red car drove by. “Black truck Daddy” as a black truck drove by. Then we walked by a bunch of cars and he continued to name off the colours of the cars. He even learned the colour silver. So cute the way he says it: “sill’er.”

We even saw a lady walking two dogs and Shawn said “Ashley’s puppy Daddy.” I said “Ashley has a puppy.” And Shawn said “no Daddy, two puppies.”

A yellow car went by but I wasn’t looking and Shawn yelled “lello car Daddy!” I looked up but it was too late and I said “I missed it Shawn.” Shawn was so cute, he said “uh oh” then “oh man!” I laughed.

Then a bus went by and I asked Shawn what colour it was. He smiled and said “orang and white Daddy.” I was so proud of him. Remember he is only 2 years old.

We finished the walk pointing out other cars and their colours all the way home.

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Christmas 2011 part 2

Just as the title says, here is part 2 of our many Christmas celebrations. For part 2 we celebrated our first Christmas as a family of four, and Shawn’s very first Christmas with us.

First we sat on the couch and I told the Christmas story to the family, then we sang happy birthday to Jesus. The kids were very excited to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Then we opened up gifts. We decided to only give the kids 2 gifts each and boy was that ever a good idea because they received so many gifts from our family and friends. They were spoiled. We (as parents) got some nice gifts too. I enjoyed seeing the joy on De-Ann’s face as she opened up her gifts, especially the purse I gave her.

It was a great Christmas for us to spend just the four of us for the first time. Hopefully we have started some traditions that we will continue for many years to come. Check out the pictures below.

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