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My year in review by Facebook

Check out my year in review. Facebook actually did a really good job of finding those events that meant a lot to me. If you have Facebook just click on the link below and it will take you to the review, scroll down and read and look at the pictures. Enjoy!

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Arrested for doing a Bible study?

Check out this article about a man being arrested for conducting a Bible study in his home. Click on this link for the whole story. I still can’t believe this happened in the States, not a communist country. That means it is going to be coming to Canada soon, for sure.


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Summer Small Groups @ City Centre

Maybe you have never tried small groups before. Or you are interested but not sure what’s involved. Or the small group you usually attend is on a break for the summer.

We have a solution: Summer Small Groups                                                                      Meet us in the Fellowship Room Sunday nights in July & August from 7 to 9pm and get a taste of what its like to be in a Small Group at City Centre through media, discussion, study and prayer.

Our study topic is “Why I Believe” featuring Chip Ingram and others. We will learn how to understand and defend our Christian faith.

Please sign-up at the Welcome Centre or speak to contact Pastor Andrew: or 905.826.8581

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Courageous men’s event

We are having a special event JUST FOR MEN at our church tomorrow night. Called: Courageous men’s movie night!

As you probably guessed we are showing the movie Courageous. That’s just the beginning, we then are going to have a number of men from our original men’s small group share what God is doing in their lives since they started attended their small group. Each one has an amazing story to share about how God has totally gotten a hold of their lives and they will never be the same. BUT I don’t want to tell you too much…YOU SHOULD COME!!!

If you don’t think you are invited, this is your official invitation. Come to City Centre Baptist Church, 1075 Eglinton Avenue West, Mississauga at 7pm. We would love have you join us.

Prepare to be challenged! And prepare to say with Joshua “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”

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Family small group BBQ

It was so great to have everyone from our small group over to our house for a BBQ. This is the first time they all were able to come visit us. So we gave them a 5 cent tour of our house. haha. While we were waiting for the food to cook we shared about what we are all doing for the summer. Most people are traveling East. But not us, we are going to the Soo (North).

You can see from all the pictures how much fun we all had. Great food, friends and conversations. The kids even had fun with our sprinkler and slides. So thankful to be able to share our amazing backyard with our friends from our small group. Loved it!

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Small groups & my daughter

We have learned we need to tell Faith and Shawn about what we are doing so there are no surprises. So we told the kids before we left this morning that we were going to our small group and they would see all their friends.

So on our way to our family small group Faith started to sing “on my way to small groups, small groups. I have to go to small groups.” Then she said to her brother, “we have to go to small groups Shawn.” And Shawn said “ya, me either!”

We both laughed as Faith continued to sing her small group jingle.

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FEB Central conference

What a great day at the FEB Central conference today.

So great to see so many of my pastor friends. It’s been awhile. I saw some of the pastors I worked with when I was on the Youth Commission, pastors I actually worked for when I was on staff with them and even some guys who interviewed me when I was looking for a new church. But the one that was most memorable was a pastor who was in my very first youth ministry as a teen, now an associate in Pembroke.

I also was able to attend some great workshops, one with Dr. Charles Price as the special guest and another about theology issues we need to be aware of that our congregations are concerned about or at least thinking about. So helpful and informative.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s conclusion to the conference.

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