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My year in review by Facebook

Check out my year in review. Facebook actually did a really good job of finding those events that meant a lot to me. If you have Facebook just click on the link below and it will take you to the review, scroll down and read and look at the pictures. Enjoy!

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“Kiss my chin, Daddy”

For the past few months my two and a half year old son has been asking me to kiss his chin before he goes to bed. I haven’t really thought much about it until the other night I asked him why. Man I was surprised what his reasoning was. Here I thought it was his new way of kissing or something silly like that but it was a lot more logical. Really it was.

Shawn: kiss my chin, Daddy.

Daddy: okay Baby. Why do you want me to kiss your chin Shawn?

Shawn: because I have a snotty nose, Daddy!

I thought to myself he is so thoughtful. Or he wanted to have the snot all to himself. haha.

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Faith & Shawn’s parents

A number of the Impact young adults from our church are going to be getting married in the next year and, of course, they have asked if Faith could be their flower girl and Shawn be their ring bearer.

De-Ann and I were talking about it the other day as we were leaving the grocery store walking with Shawn and Faith in between us, after getting Shawn’s new glasses. We both realized something significant, for now on we are going to be know as “Faith & Shawn’s parents!” We’ve lost our identity. haha

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Impact retreat 2012

ImageI have been asked to be the guest speaker at our young adults retreat. What a great privilege to be able to speak to this great group of people. I have chosen to speak on FAITH IN CULTURE! Notice I was very specific about saying “IN” not “AND.” The reason for the distinction is because I believe we as Jesus followers need to know how to live IN the culture but not be consumed by it. We need to know how to live side by side with people who don’t believe or follow Jesus and know what they think and believe so we can better defend our faith.

But we also need to know how to live IN the culture and continue to have a strong faith…not be changed or swayed by what is popular or what “everybody believes” or “doesn’t believe.”

Keep checking back here as I start to work on my talks. I will highlight each one in the next few weeks. But for now keep June 8-10 open on your calendar. We would love to see you there.

Fair Havens Bible Conference, Beaverton, ON | Jun 8-10 | $150

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Impact leadership retreat

I forgot to post some pictures from our retreat. So I thought I would put together a slideshow for you to enjoy. The first picture in the slideshow is the headline to a local newspaper the morning of our leadership retreat. Kinda cool and very applicable to our retreat.

The Friday night of the retreat we went to Wild Wings and then we went to our rooms. Some of the young adults hung out in the rooms watching Star Wars and others went straight to bed–no names mentioned–just the old boys. Then the next morning bright and early we continued the retreat learning about leadership.

BTW the food was amazing all day. A huge thank you to James for making this retreat a reality.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow as much as we enjoyed our time together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Impact Leadership Retreat. Part 3

This post is a continuation of our Impact Leadership Retreat. This particular post is a continuation of Part 2 of the unique SHAPE God has given to us.

Abilities. The things you born with that you are naturally good at. I gave the group a huge lists of natural abilities that they could simply say this about themselves: I love to do it and I am confident at doing it. A good example of this is my big brother, he was a natural athlete, no matter what sport he tried, even for the first time, he was fantastic at. That was one of his many natural abilities.

Then I encouraged the group to take their top 5 abilities and think of small things you can do for others every day to naturally express your love and heart to serve…at home, work, school, church and Impact.

Personality. Discovering how God made you to be. Just as God gave us all spiritual gifts, passions and abilities the personality we have also is a gift from God. He created it and gave it to us to use for his glory.

We then discussed the four temperaments that most have heard of at some time or another: sanguine, choleric, melancholy and phlegmatic. I wanted to warn everyone that there is no right or wrong temperament or personality. God can use all personalities to make the church function. But the one constant in all of the temperaments is God has instilled a unique personality in each one of us for his glory. And understanding your personality will help you more effectively express your spiritual gifts, heart and abilities for his sake. Here they are:

Choleric. People of this temperament are energetic, ambitious and passionate, and often want to instil these values in others. They tend to be doers and as leaders are dynamic and independent, but can be compulsive. They are principled and decisive and want to be right, not popular. Confident and independent, they are not easily discouraged, but can be impatient and quick to anger. At work they tend to be highly goal orientated, with good judgment and decision-making skills. They may be impatient with meetings and other members of staff though, and can be blind to their effect on people around them.

Sanguine. is cheerful, talkative and entertaining. These people are fun-loving and enthusiastic, with good people-skills and a confident and spontaneous flare. They are emotional and demonstrative by nature, but can tend towards arrogance and self-indulgence. At work they provide a positive atmosphere and often volunteer to help out. However they can be day dreamers and battle to complete work, juggling many tasks at once. Their creative and enthusiastic energy can inspire others, but they tend to lose focus on the task when the novelty wears off.

Phlegmatic. are relaxed and easy going. They stay calm and quiet for the most part and can be thought of as all-purpose and able. Although they are slow to anger, if pushed too far they can be explosive. At work they are steady and have a good sense of process and timing. They are good mediators and work well under pressure, but need deadlines to work towards. They sometimes find it hard to be heard in the workplace and will avoid conflict.

Melancholy. They are deep and thoughtful people who appreciate beauty and are sensitive towards others. They can be philosophical and poetic, self- sacrificing and conscientious. They can become easily depressed and self-critical. They tend to be principled and idealistic. At work they are goal orientated and well organized, with very high standards, keeping their work spaces neat and tidy. They ask difficult questions and are persistent and thorough, being conscious of detail. They can find creative solutions but expect the worst. They may resist change if there is no good precedent.

After everyone had figured out which temperaments they had we then got them to dig a bit deeper into their personality type, by answering 2 questions: how they relate to others and how do they respond to opportunities. I won’t get into all the details but they were given scenarios and had to answer how they would respond accordingly. Here’s an example:

You walk into a crowded room full of complete strangers. What do you do?

take this opportunity to meet new people and mingle OR look for a place to hide. —> how would you respond?

Then I finished off by simply saying we need to be true to who God made us to be. In other words don’t choose a volunteer role where you are constantly having to lead a team when you prefer to working alone. And if you like to be part of a team and not lead, don’t take on a role where you need to tell people what to do.

Experiences. Discovering where you have been. I got everyone to think back over key life experiences they had that shaped who they are today, both painful and enjoyable.

We looked briefly at past achievements and painful experiences in 5 areas of our life: personally, vocationally, relationally, educationally and spiritually. I shared an example of each. One example for me was when I found out I had cancer at 17 and then going through a very tough year of chemotherapy and all the pain that came with such a painful experience. But the important thing was not so much that I could recall it but that I could take the experience and learn from it. For one thing because of that experience, I am the person who I am today. If you had told me back then that I would be a pastor and serving God, I would have told you, you were crazy! But God took that experience to refine me and teach me to trust him. It was because of this experience I chose to go to Bible College and then eventually through other experiences become a pastor. But each experiences (and achievement) brought me to where I am today. Another thing I was able to do because of my painful experience is to minister and serve others who are affected by cancer, either have cancer or their relatives do. What a great blessing to be able to use my past experiences to serve!

We finished off this session a review of all we have learned and discovered about how we are uniquely SHAPEd by God to serve him and others. I got the group to take a few minutes to fill in the SHAPE inventory sheet I provided.

We then took a break and spent some time dreaming about the future of Impact. It was cool however one in the group (both current leaders and potential ones) had dreams for Impact. It showed me clearly that Impact was a very important part of their lives and they had thought about it!

The last session we had was an overview on Baptism & Membership at City Centre. Then Drew shared a bit of what our leadership needs are at Impact and closed in prayer.

Just before we left we got a group picture taken (see part 1 for the best picture), and the leadership team thanked both Drew and I for all the work we put into the retreat. We even got a gift card–to Golftown! Yay!

***if you need anymore info or would like some of the handouts we used, please write a comment below and I will send you whatever you need via email***

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Impact Leadership Retreat. Part 2

This post is a continuation of our Impact Leadership Retreat. There will probably a few more before I have reported on all the sessions.

The next two session where all about discovering each person’s unique SHAPE. The acrostic SHAPE stands for Spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personalities, and experiences. I will briefly touch on each so you get an idea of what we discussed.

Spiritual Gifts. These are God-given abilities, given to each believer at conversion by the Holy Spirit to share his love and strengthen the body of Christ. One thing that is very important is discovering your spiritual gifts is not the ultimate goal, using them to bless other is.

The list of spiritual gifts are the following with all the Scripture references:

1 Corinthians 12:28-31, Romans 12:6-10, Ephesians 4:11, 1 Peter 4:9-10. Administration, apostleship, discernment, encouragement, evangelism, faith, giving, healing, helping, hospitality, interpretation, knowledge, leadership, mercy, miracles, pastoring, prophecy, teaching, tongues & wisdom.

I gave each person a chance to fill out a spiritual gifts assessment test so they could figure out what gifts they have and then I exhorted everyone to start using their gifts if they haven’t already started to. And I warned them to not compare, the problem with comparing is sometimes we put bigger value on more visible gifts (teaching & leadership) and lesser value on those not as visible. Just because a gift is visible doesn’t mean it is more valuable or significant. All gifts are important to the building up of the body of Christ.

Heart. The spiritual passion God has given you so that you can glorify him here on earth.

To find out what your heartbeat is we discussed 5 questions: 1. What drive you? What doe you dream about, what do you desire, what do you really want to do for God, what motivates you to action, what do you crave? 2. Who do you care about? God has placed people in your life who he wants you to help him reach. 3. What needs will you meet? What are the top 2 needs I love meeting? What lessons have I learned that I could pass on to others? 4. What cause will you help conquer? What cause or issue makes my heart race? Where could I make the greatest impact for God with the gifts I have? 5. What dream will you fulfill? What pursuit would release the passion in my life for God? What God-centered dreams can I identify that have been buried in my life? What would I attempt to do for God with the rest of my life?

Then I asked them to take the next few minutes to “paint” their emotional heartbeat God has given them by answering the above questions.

 Look for the rest of the SHAPE sessions in my next post … Abilities, Personality and Experience.

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