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My year in review by Facebook

Check out my year in review. Facebook actually did a really good job of finding those events that meant a lot to me. If you have Facebook just click on the link below and it will take you to the review, scroll down and read and look at the pictures. Enjoy!

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“Kiss my chin, Daddy”

For the past few months my two and a half year old son has been asking me to kiss his chin before he goes to bed. I haven’t really thought much about it until the other night I asked him why. Man I was surprised what his reasoning was. Here I thought it was his new way of kissing or something silly like that but it was a lot more logical. Really it was.

Shawn: kiss my chin, Daddy.

Daddy: okay Baby. Why do you want me to kiss your chin Shawn?

Shawn: because I have a snotty nose, Daddy!

I thought to myself he is so thoughtful. Or he wanted to have the snot all to himself. haha.

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Faith & Shawn’s parents

A number of the Impact young adults from our church are going to be getting married in the next year and, of course, they have asked if Faith could be their flower girl and Shawn be their ring bearer.

De-Ann and I were talking about it the other day as we were leaving the grocery store walking with Shawn and Faith in between us, after getting Shawn’s new glasses. We both realized something significant, for now on we are going to be know as “Faith & Shawn’s parents!” We’ve lost our identity. haha

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Impact retreat 2012

ImageI have been asked to be the guest speaker at our young adults retreat. What a great privilege to be able to speak to this great group of people. I have chosen to speak on FAITH IN CULTURE! Notice I was very specific about saying “IN” not “AND.” The reason for the distinction is because I believe we as Jesus followers need to know how to live IN the culture but not be consumed by it. We need to know how to live side by side with people who don’t believe or follow Jesus and know what they think and believe so we can better defend our faith.

But we also need to know how to live IN the culture and continue to have a strong faith…not be changed or swayed by what is popular or what “everybody believes” or “doesn’t believe.”

Keep checking back here as I start to work on my talks. I will highlight each one in the next few weeks. But for now keep June 8-10 open on your calendar. We would love to see you there.

Fair Havens Bible Conference, Beaverton, ON | Jun 8-10 | $150

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