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Day 92-105 of the reno

I know it has been a long time since I have posted an update on our reno but unfortunately it has been very slow going. My last post was on August 31 and since then the contractor has only been able to be at the house about ten days out of the last month and a half…because of sickness, a very sick dog, and other issues all beyond his control.

But I am pleased to say the reno is almost done. As I am typing right now the floor is being finished (we love the way it looks with the colours we chose on the walls). The other things left to do are the bathroom shower and the fireplace stones. Then a bit of touch ups here and there and it will be complete. We are hoping to see the whole project finished by mid-week next week.

Unfortunately the contractor has a deadline that he cannot miss: Oct 22! De-Ann’s Mom is coming down and we need to have the bedroom complete so we can start putting furniture in and start getting ready for her arrival. Please pray there are no more set-backs.

Picture #1-5: the living room flooring is almost done. The fireplace is still waiting patiently for it’s stone. Picture #6-8: the flooring is still to be done in the bedroom and closet but the painting all complete. Pictures #9-10: this is an example of the door we chose and the door handle. Picture #11-16: shows that most of the flooring is complete in the hallway. The only place that is still to be done is in front of the stairs. Pictures #17: the cold storage door is framed and put in.

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Day 81-91 of the reno

As you can see from the pictures below we are nearing the end of this reno…finally. It has been a whole month since the last post because the reno has been very slow. Unfortunately the person we hired has been at the house off and on, sometimses even a few days a week or less.

The walls are all painted now, the doors are almost all up (only a few left), light fixtures, switches and outlets are all in. Now there is just the flooring, the fireplace tiles and then the bathroom.

Picture #1: the stairway light is finally up…yahoo! Picture #2: the flooring has been purchased. Pictures #3 & 4 everywhere has been vaccumed and cleaned including the storage where our freezer has been placed. Picture #5: bathroom was cleaned and prepped for finishing it. Pictures #6,7,14 & 16: the bedroom is all painted blue and all the fixtures are in including the centre fixture. Very pretty. Pictures #8 to 10: family room is all painted, potlights and light switches in with proper plates. Fireplace is prepped for tiles. Pictures 11 & 13: hallway is clean with doors & frames ready for installation. Picture #12: furnance room is all cleaned. Picture #15: trim is all painted and ready to put up after the flooring is laid.

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Day 62-80 of the reno

Unfortunately the last 4 weeks we have had a number of complications on the basement reno. Both of the men on the crew working on our house have either quit or been let go for whatever reason. So the reno was put on hold for a few days before the foreman could get back to our job and assess what he needed to do to continue and complete the job. He told us he will complete the job on his own.

Thankfully in the last few weeks he has been able to get a lot accomplished (still no pics). He has finished all the touch-up work and sanding of all the walls. Also he has completed all the painting in all the rooms including the bedroom–finally. Last week he spent most of his time deciphering the mess of our wiring as the electrician who did the work did a poor job, so the foreman had to go back over the work done and correct some of the wiring issues. But finally the wiring is all correct now and many of the light switches and fixtures are in the walls and ceilings and more importantly working. Yeah!

We are hoping this whole reno will be done by the end of August but we aren’t holding our breath.

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Day 58-61 of the reno

Another week has gone by, actually only 4 days and if you went downstairs in the basement you would think not much has been changed. However, even though it doesn’t look like, they did a lot of updating. I didn’t take any pictures because like I said you can’t tell by looking at the pictures.

So the crew went around the whole basement and filled in any blemishes with “mud” and proceeded to sand AGAIN! So more drywall dust. Ugggh! The only other thing they did was put the tiles in the base of the shower. Hopefully they will finish the rest of the shower tiles this week coming. Then I am hoping they will paint the 2nd coat on all the walls, and the put up the doors, the fireplace tiles and finally the flooring. Oh by the way the drywall is all up now, no more drywall. Yeah!

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Day 48-57 of the reno

So here we are on week 12 of our basement reno and it is starting to look like what we have always wanted. Check out the pictures below. You will see how much has been accomplished in the last 2 weeks. You will see the bathroom floor is completed, all walls are painted (first coat) and the window has been put in. Also most of the doors, baseboard trim and the cork flooring have been purchased. Just waiting to have them all installed. We are probably weeks away from being completed…finally!

Pictures 1, 8-9: the family room has it’s first coat of paint and all the potlights are in. Picture 2: the bathroom floor tiles are laid (look closely you can see the new toilet). Picture 3: the cold storage and electrical box are ready for doors. Pictures 4, 10-11: the hallway is all but done, potlights still to be installed. Picture 5: the wall at the bottom of the stairs is finally drywalled and ready for sanding. Pictures 6-7: the bedroom window is installed and drywall is mudded, also ready for sanding.

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Day 43-47 of the reno

This week was a week of priming. All of the walls and ceilings are now primed and ready for paint. The crew also put in the heated coil for the bathroom floor which had to set in 24 hours, then they laid the floor over the heat coil, also needed to set for 24 hours. Next is the floor tiles, also need to set for 24 hours, then the groat, also another 24 hours. Lots of 24 hours, eh?!

The window has finally arrived. It should be put in by mid-week. Things are starting to come together. But it is still slow. As you can see I didn’t take any pictures because you can’t tell the difference by looking at the pictures, all the walls and ceilings are white and the bathroom floor looks like the original but darker. Sorry, I will take some when the basement starts to look different.

Oh ya, they also filled in the backs of the stairs today.

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Day 38-42 of the reno

As I write this post the crew are taking a break from our reno because my Mother-in-law is down to visit and we didn’t want her to be disturbed by all the noise and drywall dust that seems to have taken over our house!

So this post is from last week along with pictures that look like the basement is almost done, except for painting, doors and the flooring. But looks are deceiving, there is much to be done. Much more than we every expected. So last week we started week 11. When you look at the days above 42 days doesn’t make 11 weeks, but the crew have been in our home for 11 weeks, that isn’t incluidng weekend, long weekend Monday’s and many Friday’s they missed. But all in all they are working hard to complete our “little” basement project.

See below all the pictures to show all they have completed so far. Take note they are already priming the family room walls. Yeah! Also the crew did a fantastic job of cleaning up all the mess that has accumulated in the basement. So much so that there are 10 bags of garbage outside our house waiting to go to the dump. Still lots of dust to be vaccumed up though. Can’t wait for this to be done. That will be the day! haahaa.

Pictures 1, 5-10: most of the family room it is primed and ready for colour. Pictures 2-4, 12-14: the bathroom is all primed and the shower has all the walls and the “box” (see pics 13-14) for the shampoo installed along with the base for the shower. All ready for the shower tiles for the surround and the base. Picture 11: the hallway is also ready for prime and colour.

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