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Child-proof locks no more

Tonight while putting Faith to bed she said to me “Daddy, my blanket, Bunny Bear and David are in a brown bag. We need to get them.” I assumed she was reminding me that those items were being washed and she didn’t want me to forget to get them out of the dryer before putting her to bed. I was wrong.

I told Faith since those items were getting washed she will have them for bedtime tomorrow. She said “no, Daddy, my blanket, Bunny Bear and David are in a brown bag in my closet.” Then I clued in, I said “Baby, show me” and I opened her closet door. She pulled out her giraffe suitcase (aka as the brown bag) and unzipped it and showed me her blanket, her Bunny Bear and David. During her nap she had figured out how to open her closet door and put those items in her suitcase, then closed the door. Wow!

De-Ann came into the room and that’s when I shut the closest door and asked Faith to open it. Her door had a child-proof lock on it. We watched as Faith walked over to her closet door and pinched the doorknob to open the door. She opened the door. Just like that, she was able to open the door. I looked at De-Ann and we both smiled and laughed. We knew it was time to take away the child-proof lock. And with that De-Ann took off the child-proof lock.

Our little girl is growing up.

March 31, 2013 at 9:36 PM 9 comments

Devastated Daddy

This morning I was taking Shawn to his class after dropping Faith off at hers. I helped him get his coat and boots off then proceeded to say “good-bye” to him. A good-bye consist of two hugs (one of each shoulder), a kiss and an Eskimo kiss (rubbing our noses together).

Shawn gave me the two hugs, as usual, them I proceeded to kiss him and before I got close to his face he said “no Daddy, I don’t like kisses.” I asked him why and he said “I don’t like kisses anymore!” Then he said, “no kisses Daddy. No Eskimo kisses either.” And off he went into his class.

I have to be honest, I was devastated. I thought to myself, “is Shawn too old for kisses?” Then I thought, “how could he be, he is only 3!”

March 28, 2013 at 6:23 PM 1 comment

Cardio rehab journal

heart vital signAs many of you know since the heart attack over a month ago, I have been waiting to be healthy enough to start cardio rehab. That happened just a few weeks ago.

My first taste of rehab was my first class where I met with five other heart attack victims and we were taught about heart disease, how it is can be treated and then understanding the cause of it.

The best part of the class was the Q&A where I could ask our instructor many pressing questions on my mind, like when I could drive again, when can I pick up my kids (literally pick them up) and of course go back to work. The last question I had to wait for my follow up appointment with my cardiologist. More on that as I start to put entries into my cardio rehab journal.

So in the future I am going to update all my readers here about all I am going to learn and go through as I go through cardio rehab. So stay tuned.

March 22, 2013 at 11:30 PM 2 comments

Toddlers & driving

BabydrivingWe got into the van this morning on our usual trek to daycare and what did the kids start talking about? Who was going to drive the family vehicles.

Keep in mind my kids are 3 years old and 4 years old, not teenagers.

Back to our conversation in the van…

Faith told Shawn that when she gets bigger she is going to drive the van. Shawn argues that he is going to drive the van and Faith is going to drive the car. Faith says then say “no, Shawn you drive the car, I’ll drive the van.” Then Shawn concedes to Faith’s wishes and says he will drive the “black car” and Faith is going to drive the “silver van.” Then Faith is a very happy camper!

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