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Another interesting conversation with Faith, this time about of all things, gum. Enjoy.

I was chewing some gum and Faith asked “Daddy, what do you have in your mouth?” Unfortunately I had to tell her. I really didn’t want her to know about gum for a while, because I don’t want her asking for some. After I told her what it was she asked “why?” Her favourite word and I thought for a few second and said “because Daddy’s breath smells.” She said “your teeth smell Daddy?” I laughed.

I thought that was the end of the conversation, but I was wrong. We got in the van and Faith started up the conversation again this time for Mommy to hear. She said “Mommy do you have gum?” De-Ann told her no. Then Faith said “Daddy has gum in his mouth.” Then she said “when I get older I can find gum in my mouth too.” I smiled and ended up explaining the whole story to De-Ann.

We figured she put two and two together and that’s how she came up with that when she gets older she can chew gum. Because in the past every time Faith asked to do something or have something that was “grown up” like wearing makeup we would say “when you are older you can do…” Smart little cookie.

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Day 78…1 Corinthians 10:1-11 Christmas eve 2012

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