My birthday

December 8, 2012 at 8:49 PM Leave a comment

My birthday was this past Thursday and unlike most birthday’s I planned a small group meeting on Thursday. Silly me. In the past I would not plan anything and even if something was planned I would cancel or reschedule. But not this week. Still not sure why. Hmmm… So the only recognition of my birthday was De-Ann’s kiss good-bye in the morning and a bunch of people posting on Facebook, Twitter and a few text and email messages. No party, no celebration with the family.

If that wasn’t enough on Friday we didn’t celebrate either because De-Ann had a very early Christmas party with some business people and then right after work a work Christmas party that I wasn’t invited to. So by the time she got home it was too late to celebrate with the family.

Then on Saturday we had our final family small group meeting which lasted a bit longer (2pm) because we celebrated Christmas and a special farewell to one of dearly loved families. It was both a joyous occasion and a sad one as we said good-bye. One of the ladies baked me a cake and the group sang me happy birthday. That was nice. Again, we still hadn’t celebrated as a family…yet.

By the time everyone left we were exhausted and the kids went down for a nap. So De-Ann and I crashed on the couch.

There is a happy ending though (for me). After the kids got up De-Ann and the kids came downstairs with a cake and sang happy birthday to me, gave me a cute card (see below) and a gift. Faith even wrote her name on the card, look carefully and you can see her name written out. The cake was my favourite: Oreo ice cream. Yum! And the gift was perfect: a gift card for iTunes. I call it the gift that keeps on giving.

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