Because I said so

December 6, 2012 at 6:06 PM Leave a comment

because I said soFaith and Shawn constantly ask me the same question when we drive by a strip mall full of restaurants including the the big “M” (I dare not even write the words out incase someday the kids can read it out loud). The question is “can we pick something up?” This is a question that rings in my ears constantly. This is the question that the kids know means, we get to have something special for supper. This is also the question I believe De-Ann asked me a long time ago and the kids were listening. Too bad.

So on our way home from daycare this afternoon Shawn asked that dreaded question, once again. I usually just say quickly “no” and hope the kids won’t push the point, but most of the time it is followed by a simple word “WHY?” And like thousands of times before, Shawn asked “why Daddy?” And before I had a chance to answer Faith answered for me. She said “because Daddy says so.” It was so cute hearing her answer for me. And I thought to myself, “ya, what she said” and I smiled.

I remember my Dad giving the same answer and I vowed I would never say the same thing. But here I am many years later using the same phrase to stop the kids from inquiring further.

Tell me, anyone use this phrase to answer your kids inquiries? And more importantly did you also vow not to because your parents used the same phrase on you?

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