Welcome home David

October 3, 2012 at 10:26 PM Leave a comment

As most of you already know there is a very special family that have adopted our kids and our kids them–The Penners. And one of the sons of this wonderful family both Faith and Shawn have grown to love very much. His name is David. And over 3 months ago he left for Alaska to prepare for a missions trip to Mongolia and other countries.

While he was away Faith and Shawn faithfully prayed for David. When one was praying and forgot to mention David the other reminded them. David was covered in prayer the whole time he was away.

This past Sunday, David was finally coming home. So we took the kids to meet him at the airport. You will see below the pictures of the kids holding signs to welcome David. And when they finally saw him he had trimmed his beard for quite a few days so he looked like Grizzly Adams. Faith wouldn’t go near him until I took her in my arms to him and David spoke to her. She still didn’t understand how this very hairy person had David’s voice. But Shawn, on the other hand, ran right up to David and gave him a huge hug.

David gave the kids a furry friend each. A bumble bee for Faith and a puppy for Shawn. Faith named her bumble bee what else, David, of course! Look at how happy they are that they finally got to be reunited with David. David was pretty happy to see the kids too. He even got to ride to his house in our van.

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