Park visit

October 1, 2012 at 12:07 AM Leave a comment

On Monday of the long weekend the kids and I took off for the park while De-Ann stayed home and did some work around the house. She needed to get some things done around the house with an interruptions.

Faith and Shawn had a blast at the park, we played around on the splash pad, they both figured out how to push the buttons to make each of the different sprinklers to work. It was fun watching them scream when the water came on under them. Or when one of them was on the splash pad and the other pushed the button and the water squirted up under the other. Hilarious.

After the got bored of the splash pad, they tried the slides, a few of the bouncing animals and the swings. But the thing they loved most was under the kiddie slide there was booth set up where the kids pretending to serve me pizza (wood chips made into a circle). I just love their imagination.

After they finished at the park they jumped in the wagon and we shared a water bottle among the three of us because we were all very thirsty from our adventure.

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