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Stair surfing

This is something Faith started doing the other night. She looks like she is having a blast. Enjoy!

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Halloween 2012

We had some fun tonight trick or treating with Faith and Shawn. Or as Faith calls it “chug-a-chug treating.” Of course it was raining the whole time but the kids still enjoyed themselves.

Before we left for our expedition I explained to the kids how to trick or treat. To knock on the door, wait for the door to be opened and then say “trick or treat” and after the homeowner puts a treat in their bag say “thank you.”

The kids were so cute, they went up to the door and knocked on the door and yelled at the top of their lungs “trick or treat!”  Thankfully they at least said “thank you” after they rec’d their treats.

Check out the cute pictures of the kids just before they left for daycare this morning. The whole time Faith was giving Shawn instructions “don’t touch your face” and “keep you your arms down” and “look at Daddy” and of course “say cheese Shawn!” Enjoy the pictures. Their adorable, of course.

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Shawn’s surgery

As many of you already know Shawn had eye surgery on Monday because, like his sister Faith, he has strabismus.

Strabismus or “lazy eye” is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. It typically involves a lack of coordination between the extraocular muscles that prevents bringing the gaze of each eye to the same point in space and preventing proper binocular vision, which may adversely affect depth perception. (that’s the technical jargon for those of you who need to know what Shawn’s condition is).

Unlike Faith’s situation, Shawn’s eye was not as extreme to the point where we had to go straight to surgery. We also didn’t have to be as diligent with patching his strong eye as we did Faith. There was a short period of time we were patching his eye but it didn’t last long at all, then we just got Shawn a stronger prescription of glasses. We did that a few times until finally, the last visit with the specialist, Dr. Smith, he told us Shawn would need surgery.

So yesterday, Monday Shawn had a surgery which is simply called Strabismus repair. The surgery was to correct the misalignment of the eyes. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this will be his only surgery. It looks like Shawn might have to have a second surgery because the muscles in his eye were very tight. Which isn’t good.

But according to Dr. Smith the surgery went well and Shawn was to be in recovery for about 2 hours. Unfortunately the beginning of recovery was very rough on Shawn. He was thrashing about and wouldn’t open up his eyes. But eventually he did calm down and they were able to get him to open his eyes so they could see how they were doing. Apparently he was very upset after the surgery, especially after he woke up.

It has now been a whole day since his surgery and Shawn seems to be doing much better. Today he spent the whole day on the couch with me. He sat and played with his favourite puzzle for hours as we watched some animation movies and I worked away on my laptop. We stopped a few times during the day to put eye drops in his eyes. Man, he doesn’t like those drops. He gets very upset when I try to put drops in his eyes, so much so that he starts swing his arms and almost knocked the drops out of my hand. I did get a pointer from a friend who is a doctor to make it much simpler to put the drops in, I’m going to try it tomorrow morning. Pull the lower lid down and put the drops there.

Shawn’s eyes look like they are blood shot but he seems to be doing okay. He looks like he is constantly crying. His eyes are full of tears. But thankfully he doesn’t seem to be in any pain and even fell asleep beside me on the couch for a few hours before De-Ann got home tonight.

Thank you to each of you who sent very kind notes and prayed for Shawn and us as we went through this procedure together. It is so nice to know so many people genuinely care about us as a family.

Thank you.
Andrew & De-Ann

If you want info about Strabismus repair, here is a link: Strabismus_surgery

As you can see from the pictures below Shawn enjoyed his time in the crib before his surgery, again playing with his favourite puzzle, but after he looks very unhappy and exhausted. He slept in his car seat the whole way home.

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Well it has finally happened, Faith has stopped watching Mommy and Daddy do house work and now has started to help. Watch the video and see how much effort she is putting into this important chore. There is one part in the video where she calls Shawn to get into the act. He ends up playing.

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