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Fishing in a pond

On the first weekend of September we went to visit a good friend where the kids could go swimming in his pool. We all had such a great time and the kids also played in the outdoor pond as well. We were having so much fun that I forgot to take many pictures of the kids. The only pictures I was able to get of the kids playing by the pond. See below.

The kids enjoyed the delicious food, had tons of fun in the pool. So much fun that both kids were not just swimming but jumping into the pool on their own. They had life jackets made just for them so they could go swimming without anyone’s help. They both got so comfortable that jumping into the pool was a regular fun activity.

We finished off the night by going for a walk with the kids and my friend and his dog. The kids had a great time and are looking forward to our next visit. Soon we hope!

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More green light conversations

The other day I was sitting at a light waiting for an advanced green. Of course it was red so Faith reminded me that I should stop. Even though I was stopped she wanted to make sure I knew it meant stop. Then the light turned green, but this time a green arrow. I had taught Faith earlier what the green arrow meant–to turn left.

To my amazement Faith remembered, and as soon as the green arrowed appeared she said “Daddy, turn left!” I asked how she knew I needed to turn left and she said “green arrow says turn (she paused for affect) LEFT!” And she screamed it. She was so proud of herself, and I was too.

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The mind of a 4 year old

This is a glimpse into the mind of my 4 year old, Faith, through a simple conversation we had as I was pulling out of my parking spot at her daycare. You can definitely see how her logic works anyway.

Faith: Daddy did you bump that car?

Daddy: No, that’s not good to bump cars. I don’t bump cars Faith

Faith: No?

Daddy: It’s not good to Bump cars. You never want cars to hit each other.

Faith: Bumping cars is an accident Daddy?

Daddy: Yes, we never want to have an accident with cars.

Shawn: No, Daddy, vans. [He is always correcting me. Everything has to be exact]

Daddy: Yes, vans too Shawn.

Faith: Accidents should only be in the toilet, Daddy.

I laughed.

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Faith & make-up, the sequel

Driving to daycare the other morning Faith said out of the blue “when I get older Daddy I can put stuff on my eyes and on my cheeks and in my ears.” She was talking about eye shadow for her eyes, and blush on her cheeks, and earrings for her ears. Faith was watching De-Ann (Mommy) get ready for church on Sunday morning and asked if she could put those things on her face and De-Ann said “when you get older.” So Faith has remembered since then.

She asks every Sunday morning if she is older yet. De-Ann just smiles and says “not yet, Baby.”

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