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Phone calls

I woke up hearing Faith talking very loudly. I thought she was in her room talking to herself. Which she does regularly.

But she was talking on the phone to Mema, De-Ann’s Mom.

She now grabs the phone before we do! And she is quite the chatterbox. She hasn’t learned to speak quietly yet, though.

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Summer Small Groups @ City Centre

Maybe you have never tried small groups before. Or you are interested but not sure what’s involved. Or the small group you usually attend is on a break for the summer.

We have a solution: Summer Small Groups                                                                      Meet us in the Fellowship Room Sunday nights in July & August from 7 to 9pm and get a taste of what its like to be in a Small Group at City Centre through media, discussion, study and prayer.

Our study topic is “Why I Believe” featuring Chip Ingram and others. We will learn how to understand and defend our Christian faith.

Please sign-up at the Welcome Centre or speak to contact Pastor Andrew: or 905.826.8581

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You are youer than you

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Canada Day family pictures

Here are some pictures of our family sitting on the Canadian flag I helped paint on the “floor” of our court. Notice the children in the background. As DJ was taking the pictures the kids were swirling around him like bees around their hive. One kid almost hit DJ head on. Thankful he didn’t and DJ is still intact.

So funny how no matter how many pictures we take, one or both of the kids aren’t looking at the camera. The last picture is the best and Shawn still isn’t looking at the camera.

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Faith’s birthday & Canada Day 2012

July 1st is not only Canada’s birthday but it is also Faith’s. And yesterday Faith turned 4 years old. I still can’t believe she is now school aged. She starts JK in September. Wow!

For both Faith’s birthday and Canada Day we had a celebration with lots of friends over, as well our court has a special celebration for Canada Day with fireworks at the end of the night. You’ll see in the pictures below all the people that came out for the Canada Day celebration. We even took a picture of all those who attended on top of the Canadian flag we painted on the “floor” of the court.

We parked one of our cars in our garage and the other in our neighbours driveway so we could set-up two tables for all our friends and family to eat around. The tables where dressed with everything yellow. That’s because Faith loves the colour yellow. It’s her favourite!

From the moment we got home De-Ann was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, ribs, shiskabobs, and special sauce where among the delicacies to eat. And each family also brought a side dish of some type. De-Ann made cupcakes and homemade icing for Faith’s birthday instead of a cake. What a great idea and they were delicious. You’ll even see Faith blowing out four candles on her very own cupcake with yellow icing, of course.

We chatted, ate and just a had a great time hanging out. So thankful to have our special friends celebrating with us. You all mean so very much to us. We love each one of you: DJ & Caitlyn, Drew, Diane, Denita, Joel & Rini, Rebecca & Tyler, Max & Elizabeth, Titus & Josiah and Andy & Nita. Each one of you are our extended family. And a special thank you to Linette (my sister) and Peter for stopping by. We had such a great time with all of you.

One other special guest showed up just after we finished supper, the Peel Fire Department. You’ll see the the pictures below we even got to take pictures of the kids in and around the fire truck. Faith even got to where the fireman’s helmet, so did Denita. haha.

July 1st weekend was also a very special weekend because it marked the anniversary of when Shawn first visited our home. Only a few days later Shawn joined our family permanently. Wow, it’s amazing what has happened in one short year. Praise God for his provision and care for our little family.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

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Painting the Canadian flag

As many of you know in our court we have a very special Canada Day celebration that starts the day before Canada Day. We start by painting a huge Canadian flag on the “floor” or pavement on the court.

I believe they have been doing this tradition for over six years now, but this is only our second year being a part of it. This year we had a terrible winter, as in barely any snow, so the flag we painted last year was completely faded away by the sun. So the “boys” of the court went to work to recreate last years Canadian flag. It was hilarious watching them measure an actual flag and then times it by 100 to get the flag we ended up painting. John and Ryan (our organizers) are very creative fellows.

Meanwhile the kids were being occupied by many of the neighbourhood kids with of course Mommy’s watchful eye. They just love Faith and Shawn.

It was a lot of work but totally worth it. I just love working with my neighbours. Check out the pictures that De-Ann took so I am actually in quite a few pictures…which is very rare. The last few pictures are of the finished product. I think we did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. haha.

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