Our “new” van…the rest of the story

July 17, 2012 at 11:04 PM Leave a comment

I have been meaning to write about this amazing God-story of how we ended up purchasing our “new” van. So finally tonight I am taking a few minutes to do so.

As you know we have been talking about getting a mini-van for a while, at least since we found out we were adopting Shawn. But it wasn’t a reality until only a few months ago–April. We had decided we needed a mini-van because of the possible addition of a new little one to our family. So I started to look, but everything was either too expensive or what we could afford had ridiculously high kilometres.

The rest of the story is we got a call from our accountant and she told us because we just recently moved more than 30 kms, we could claim all our moving expenses, including the real estate commission. So we did. We received two very large cheques from the government, one for me and one for De-Ann. And guess how much it was?

The exact amount we purchased our mini-van for!!! Now that’s a God-story!!! Praise God!!!

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