Our “new” van

July 11, 2012 at 6:42 PM Leave a comment

After many months of research and more months of searching we finally found a van last Friday. I spent the day at the dealership looking at the van, test driving, making a deal and of course, putting a deposit down. Then yesterday night myself and DJ (a very good friend of our little family) went to go pick up the van. BTW it’s new-to-us, not brand new.

Before we left both of said “good night” to the kids and told them where we are going. They got very excited to know we were finally picking up the van. They knew we were going to eventually get a van, so to them the day had finally come. Me too.

We got such a great deal on a silver Dodge Grand Caravan with full Stow N Go seats (both the 2nd and 3rd row seats fold into the floor) and low km’s and in very good shape. Now we will have a very comfortable ride to the Soo in a couple of weeks. See the pictures below.

After we picked up the van we made good time home that the kids were just finishing their baths so when we got home they want to see the van and “test” it out. We put them in the 2nd row captains chairs. De-Ann sat in the back row and DJ and I sat on the front seats. We shut the doors and the kids said “I want to go for a ride.” We told them we couldn’t until Daddy put the car seats in the van. They weren’t very happy until De-Ann told them they will get to ride in the van tomorrow morning. They screamed with excitement and then we took them out of the van to go to bed.

The next day Faith got up so early (which isn’t her normal routine) because she was so excited to get into the van and ride to daycare. Needless to say I would have preferred to sleep in a bit longer. Eventually I got both kids into the van and we left for daycare. On the way to daycare Faith and Shawn started singing “DJ and Daddy did this.” I think referring to the fact that we bought the van for the family.  Then on the way home from daycare tonight Shawn said “Daddy bought this van” then Faith piped in “DJ too.” Obviously the kids know clearly that DJ and Daddy bought the van.

Both Faith and Shawn refer to the Neon (which the van is replacing) as Mommy’s car and the Mazda as Daddy’s car, so I thought I would ask them whose is the van? They both screamed with excitement “mine!” I told them the van belongs to the family for now on. Shawn said “ya.”

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