“Can I see the bag?”

June 22, 2012 at 7:19 PM Leave a comment

Faith is hilarious with some of the things she comes up with. And we know that the older and smarter she gets she is going to start to come up with doozies. Here is an example of Faith starting to get smarter:

We’re in the car on the way back from the Toronto Zoo and both Faith and Shawn are being given a few grapes at a time from Mommy (from the front seat–this is important to this story). Mommy says to both kids “these are the last few grapes you get.” Then Faith without really thinking too hard says “Mommy, can I see the bag?” Then Mommy says, “the rest are for later.” (Quick thinker on Mommy’s part).

I can’t even imagine what Faith is going to be like in a few years from now, debating everything we say. Yikes!


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