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I get nervous when my kids come home with tattoos on the bodies–even if they are wash off ones. I guess I am a bit of a fuddy-duddy when it comes to my kids.

I’d prefer they don’t want to get tattoos and piercings, but I know just because I don’t want them to, they will WANT TO! haha.

Besides, if you know me at all, you know I can’t stand needles. I faint at the thought and sight of them. OOoooh, they I go….

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Why Small Groups? | Articles |

Check out this very important article about the importance of small groups. As you all know I believe in small groups and see great benefits in having them in any size church.

Why Small Groups? | Articles |

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Grandpa’s truck

We pulled into the driveway for my Father-in-law’s birthday party and Shawn screamed out “Grandpa’s truck Daddy!” He hadn’t even gotten out of the car yet, but he right away recognized Grandpa’s truck. I got him out of the car seat and continued to inform us that Grandpa’s truck was sitting in the driveway.

So I decided to do a short video where Shawn is pointing out that the truck he is standing in front of is in fact Grandpa’s truck. You’ll notice that he keeps leaving the scene so I have do a little coaching to get him back to be seen in the camera. That’s why I am laughing. Enjoy!

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Faith & Shawn’s parents

A number of the Impact young adults from our church are going to be getting married in the next year and, of course, they have asked if Faith could be their flower girl and Shawn be their ring bearer.

De-Ann and I were talking about it the other day as we were leaving the grocery store walking with Shawn and Faith in between us, after getting Shawn’s new glasses. We both realized something significant, for now on we are going to be know as “Faith & Shawn’s parents!” We’ve lost our identity. haha

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Kids’ fashion show

Both Faith and Shawn have grown considerably to the point where they are in need of new clothes. So at the beginning of this week I went shopping for both kids–on my own, I might add. haha.

After I got home I got both kids to try on their outfits before I took the tags off, just incase I needed to return some of the items because I had the wrong size. And I did have too. Never fails.

So the pictures below are of the kids’ fashion show. Check out Faith hamming it up and Shawn doesn’t seem to enjoy the fashion show as much.

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12,000 hits

We have almost reached 12,000 hits or visits. Let’s do it together. Then I guess my next milestone is 15,000. Thanks to everyone for visiting and enjoying my blog. Keep coming back and don’t forget to write a comment once in a while.

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Shawn: have some Daddy

As I came into the room Shawn was sitting in his high chair picking his nose. I told him to stop it and held out his hand to give me “some.” He said “have some Daddy.” I looked over at De-Ann and she was trying her best not to laugh.

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