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I wanted to take a few minutes to write a post about someone who has been so good to us as a family and never asked for anything in return. She is a close friend to us and especially Faith and Shawn, just like a Grandma. They love her so much and look forward to seeing her whenever she comes to visit, or when they see her at church.

By now you have guessed her name is Denita. For some of you, you have no idea who she is. And to the rest, who know Denita and see our kids interact with her, you already know what I am writing about is true.

I wanted to tell you about the first time Denita offered to take care of our kids and started a relationship with my family that will last forever–I’m sure of it. I remember Denita coming up to me and offering to babysit our kids because my Mom had just recently passed away and De-Ann’s Mom lives so far away. She wanted us to have a chance to get out for a date once and awhile to keep our relationship strong. She has never stopped offering. Along with her kids and one of Denita’s boy’s girlfriend we have had many chances to go on dates because so many people want to babysit our kids. We are so blessed.

Denita went above and beyond anything she has ever done this weekend. She offered to get the kids up and take them to church this morning so I could do my usual thing. As you probably know, I am a pastor, and Sunday is a work day for me so I needed to be at work early and leave late. So having Denita to take care of the kids most of the day until I got home was so helpful.

But check this out, she came over last night so I could put the car seats in her car. Then she came back the next morning, early, to wake the kids up, give them breakfast and bring them to the second service. Meanwhile I left for work, and didn’t have to worry about anything especially what to do with them while I was “working” that morning. I don’t consider what I do work, but it is my job. I love it BTW!

We are so blessed to have a friend like Denita. Words cannot express or thanks for who she is to our family and what she has done. We love you Denita!

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