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Siblings and now good friends

This has always been my dream for Faith and Shawn, that they would become good friends. Check out these videos which shows the friendship is developing.

Faith and Shawn are walking and chatting and even gave each other a hug. Love it.

Faith and Shawn are walking, then running to one of our neighbours’ driveway to use their slide. As you can see from the video I stopped them. haha.

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Pool is open

Here are some fun videos of Faith and Shawn enjoying water fun. Pool is open and the water hose is fun to use. Enjoy.

In this video both Shawn and Faith were playing with the water hose and I almost got my iPhone wet. Watch and you’ll see and hear. That’s De-Ann laughing.

Faith and Shawn are playing ring-a-round the rosy in the pool.

Faith is being very bossy, and surprisingly Shawn listens.

Splashing fun.

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Happy Birthday

Faith loves to sing. She sings everywhere and everything. She makes up songs, she sings songs she is taught and she sings whenever she wants to. This video is a good example of how Faith sings all the time. She was playing in the “sandbox” and just started singing Happy Birthday to Shawn. Enjoy!

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Backyard fun

Check out the below pictures and video of Faith and Shawn playing in our backyard. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful backyard. And even more blessed to have two kids that can enjoy it.

Even though the below pictures look like the kids are playing in a sandbox, the truth is it is De-Ann’s garden. She is re-d0ing the whole thing, so she has taken everything out and is replanting. As well, she is taking the planks out and put new ones in. So the kids have taken over the garden, for now, and use it as a sandbox.

Here is what the kids looked like after they were done playing in the “sandbox.”

Faith, dirt everywhere including her face.

Shawn, actually has dirt up his nose. He wouldn’t smile.

If you listen carefully you can hear both Faith and Shawn refer to their bucket of dirt as castles. Also, Faith is having a competition with Shawn to see who fills up their bucket the quickest and he doesn’t even know it.

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