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More school bus fun

A couple of mornings ago Faith and Shawn were back to their counting of school buses. But this time Faith was doing something quite different. After a mini-bus went by she would get excited (as usual) and say “school bus” and “yellow” but then she added “Shawn’s.” Which I thought was very nice of her. She was finally starting to share–abstractly, of course, the school buses. Haha.

Then a big-bus went by and she said “school bus” and “yellow” but this time she said “mine!” This went on for a few school buses. I realized Faith was “giving” the small buses to Shawn and the big ones to herself. She hadn’t learned to share but to be selfish.

Faith was divining up the school bus so that she got the bigger of the too. Meanwhile Shawn was saying “me too” every time Faith said “mine.” He wasn’t phased a bit.

Hopefully in the near future we can teach the kids to share and give up the best for each other. I know, we have a long road ahead.

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Soft Kitty

If you are a fan of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, you will know this song well. I love when it was first introduced into the show. After trying his best not to get sick and going to great lengths to do so, Sheldon catches a cold. And he is a very sucky sick person–most guys are. Penny gets suckered into taking care of Sheldon, and she finds out how sucky he really is. Sheldon begs Penny to rub some lotion on his chest, he also asks her to sing this song to him, a song his mother always sang to him when he was sick as a little boy.

I didn’t know this song was actually real. I thought the writers of this sitcom made it up. Below is the actual song lyrics, but it’s not called Soft Kitty, it’s actually called Warm Kitty. Hmmm….

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Shawn’s FIRST eye appointment

Today Shawn had his very first eye appointment. He went to a eye specialist that Faith has been seeing since she came to live with us.

As many of you already know Faith has glasses and has an issue with strabismus (lazy eye), so what do you think was my biggest concern with Shawn? Glasses, of course! And maybe patching his eye, at least. Shawn can’t stand it when you touch his head let alone put something on it…like glasses!

After Shawn’s appointment De-Ann told me Shawn doesn’t need glasses (at least at this point) but unfortunately he has to be patched for the next month 4 times a week for 3 hours…yes, you read that correctly, 3 hours.

Patching: where you put a patch over the strong eye while you use the lazy eye. The idea is to make the lazy eye stronger, to turn it back into a normal gaze like the strong eye.

I can’t imagine how much he is going to like that. And I can’t imagine how easy it is going to be to have him keep the patching on his eye for that long. It was hard enough for Faith but Shawn I’m sure is going to be much harder. Let’s hope not.

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Holding a grudge

I love this quote, and it is so true:

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