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Spock is an action figure

Spock, the action figure, speaks to Sheldon. Actually its all a dream. A wonderful dream, but a dream.

March 29, 2012 at 8:16 PM 2 comments

Angry Birds on Facebook

As you probably have figured out I am a huge Angry Birds fan, actually my wife is too. Check out this quick vid of their latest levels on Facebook. It’s raining.

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Celebrate Easter at City Centre Church

We are having a number of celebrations at City Centre Church this Easter. Please take note and join us.

Palm Sunday, Apr 1 @ 9am and 11am at City Centre Church, Mississauga.

Good Friday, Apr 6 @ 9am and 11am at City Centre Church, Mississauga. 

Special Easter Sunday, Apr 8 @ 10am at the Living Arts Centre in the Hammerson Hall, Mississauga. Special kids program from 0 to grade 5 and free parking onsite.

Sunday celebration, Apr 15 @ 9am and 11am at City Centre Church, Mississauga.

Contact info: 1075 Eglinton Avenue West | Mississauga | 905.826.8581 | |

I hope you decide to join us at any or all of these fantastic services.

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Stolen iPhone

On Tuesday my iPhone was unfortunately stolen! This means that not only is my phone gone but the content is as well. It’s a very uneasy feeling knowing someone else has mine and others info, who I care about.

The only reason I’m putting this on my blog, Facebook and Twitter is so all my friends and family know that if you receive a MSG from me in any form, it’s not me! Once I have my new phone I will contact each of you personally so you will know its me. It could be a few days or a week from now.

I did report the stolen phone to my provider and even tried to do a remote wipe through iCloud but unfortunately as soon as they discontinued my service the phone is offline.

So let’s pray that the thief only wanted the phone and not my content and has already restored the iPhone back to the factory settings. Now my next step is to replace the iPhone. A very expensive endeavor.

March 29, 2012 at 7:43 AM 2 comments

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