Say please

February 6, 2012 at 7:03 PM 3 comments

We are trying to teach Faith to say please without us constantly reminding her. At first we would say “you need to say please Faith.”  Then we switched it to “what do you say?”

Recently instead of saying “what do you say?” after she demands something we just wait. Eventually she says “please” but sometimes after a long time. After each incident I say to her “Daddy or Mommy are not going to give you something until you say please. And we are not going to ask you to say please anymore.” She promptly says “yes Daddy.” I think she gets it?!

The other day she and Shawn were playing and Shawn wanted something from Faith so he was putting out his hand for Faith to put that item in his hands. Faith looked at him and said “say please Shawn!”

Then on another occasion I saw Faith with something she shouldn’t have so I said “give that to Daddy right now, you should have that. You know better!” She looked right at me and said “say please Daddy!”

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