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I have been teaching Faith about different vehicles on the road. Cars, vans, big trucks (like what her Uncle Paul & Aunt Denise drives), little trucks, and of course buses. I think Faith caught on quicker with buses than any other vehicle.

Whenever she sees a bus she gets so excited, especially school buses. She says the same thing “Schoool bus Daddy!! It’s yellow, my favourite colour!” The she says “my school bus!”

She also recognized other buses like when she see one of our city buses she says “City bus Daddy! That’s my city bus!” I ask her what colour it is and she says any colour than what it really is. Then I tell her it is orange and I tell her that’s my favourite colour and she says “that’s my favourite colour Daddy!” The truth is her favourite colour is yellow.

The other bus she recognizes is the GO bus. She doesn’t say GO bus but she knows it is a city bus that is green. She says “city bus Daddy” and I ask what colour it is and she says quietly (almost whispering) “green.” Don’t ask me why she whispers, but she does.

It’s cool how she is able to differentiate between different vehicles on the road, but she especially enjoys pointing out buses.

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