First day of daycare

January 3, 2012 at 9:32 AM Leave a comment

Today was a very special day as the kids start daycare again, for Faith after a 6 month break and Shawn for the first time.

It was very interesting getting everyone up so early after sleeping in until 8 or 8:30am each morning. Especially since the past week while I was on holidays we all slept in, so waking up any earlier than 8 was a big adjustment for everyone. Thankfully because De-Ann is working from home for this week she was able to help me get the kids up and ready for daycare. Being that it was their first day there was lots to carry, not to mention carrying or at least holding the hands of our kids. I would have had my hands full. “Thanks Sweetie! You’re the best!”

De-Ann got Faith up and something we realized very early on, having Faith in our life, is she is a morning person. This morning was a perfect example. Faith was very drossy when she got out of bed, but then when De-Ann put her on her feet she perked up and said “Mommy Sherwin’s in my room.. Can I pet Sherwin?” And then she gabbed right through the changing of clothes to getting her coat on to getting in the car and right until we reach her daycare. Meanwhile Shawn said one word the whole morning, “nooooo.” Now his favourite word. To my chagrin.

While we finally arrived at the daycare and Faith was asking lots of questions like, “are we going to Peekaboo?” to which we answered, “yes, Baby.” She asked many questions about her teacher and when we were going to get there, and on and on. But when we actually pulled into the parking lot Faith changed her tune and voiced that she didn’t want to go anymore. But we got her and Shawn out of the car and grabbed all their “stuff” and went in.

I took Shawn, and De-Ann took Faith. De-Ann said Faith took a bit longer than usual to warm up to staying in the classroom without her, but eventually once the food showed up for breakfast she went and sat down. I think once Faith sees all her old friends she is going to be fine. Shawn, on the other hand struggled with even going into the room without me. So I went in with him and sat down and played for a while, then the food arrived and he reluctantly sat down to eat. He wouldn’t even put on his bib, which is very unusual. Eventually though he ate a spoonful of cereal and then I slowly faded in the background until I finally left. He didn’t see me go but he was fine when I left so I am sure he is going to be fine. The teachers reassured me that they would call me if there were any concern. I told them not to worry because I trusted them to take care of Shawn.

BTW Faith had been going to this daycare for almost a year before we got Shawn in our home and at that time we took her out for De-Ann’s parental leave, so we know the teachers and this daycare and they are both great.

All in all the first day, or at least, first few minutes, of daycare was a good one. Now to see how they did all day without us, when I pick them up tonight. I do hope they both have a fun day and enjoy it so much tomorrow morning won’t be as difficult. Hey, I can’t expect miracles, it is their first day!

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