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Laundry: a family affair

Last night we were doing laundry and De-Ann brought a basket full of dry clothes into the living room. She started folding clothes. Both kids wanted to help so De-Ann gave the kids each pieces of their own clothing to fold. It was so fun watching the kids each fold the clothes.

It is fun to watch both kids personalities show up in even something as simple as folding clothes. Faith crumples up the clothes and drops them into the laundry basket. Shawn on the other hand meticulously folds the sleeves into each other and then folds again, and again and again until the shirt he is folding is a tiny little square. Then he gently places it into the laundry basket.

At the end of our folding experience the laundry basket looked just like it did before we folded the clothes. haha. After the kids folded the clothes I discretely took the clothes out of the basket and re-folded them but without the kids seeing. They were too busy folding more clothes.

I think this is a glimpse into how much our kids will be involved in the care of our home. I also think they will gladly do their chores when we finally start to give them out. We are so blessed as parents!

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Saturday that didn’t go as planned

Maybe you have been here before, no matter what you did your day didn’t go as planned. Well this Saturday was one of those days.

It all started last night when De-Ann came home from work sick. She went straight to bed and stayed in bed most of the day today. Because De-Ann was sick, I was on Daddy-duty all day.

I played with the kids, gave them lunch and then put them down for a nap. During the kids naps I did an errand I needed to do before February 2nd. I’m glad I did but I probably should have been working on my sermon.

After nap, the kids got up and I was back to hanging out with them. De-Ann came down to say “hi” to the kids and fell asleep on the couch. She was still sick. Eventually she went back to bed where she stayed. Because De-Ann went back to bed I wasn’t able to attend one of our small groups that was starting tonight. I was bummed.

So I stayed home, fed the kids then bathed them and put them to bed. Finally after they were both in bed I was able to relax…I mean continue prep of my sermon. My title is simply: Should We or Shouldn’t We Judge? Matthew 7:1-5.

It’s almost 11pm and time for me to go to bed so I can get up bright and early to do more prep. Thanks to everyone for your prayers as I prepare for this sermon and tomorrow. They mean so much.

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Car seat conversations

On the way to daycare this morning Faith and Shawn had a conversation, or should I say Faith talked and Shawn listened. Here is what I observed.

Faith: Shawn, school bus!

Shawn: yaah

Faith: School buses are yellow!

Shawn: yaah

Faith: That’s my school bus

Shawn: [no response]

Faith: Hahaha! [then she screams! Silence for a few seconds] We’re going to Peekaboo Shawn. Bushra! Breakfast! [then she starts singing]

Shawn: [no response, but listening intently]

Faith: [a school bus passes us going the other way] Aaaah! School bus! Shawn, school bus! Daddy, school bus! That’s my school bus!

Shawn: yaah. Yellow.

Faith: That’s my yellow!

Shawn: yaah.

Faith: We’re going to Peekaboo. Snow Daddy! [then she giggles uncontrollably]. Breakfast! Breakfast! Bushra!

Me: That’s right Baby. We’re going to Peekaboo.

Faith: We’re almost there, Shawn. Pizza, Shawn. [I think she is remembering it is Pizza Friday where we have pizza for supper as a family on Fridays].

Shawn: yaah.

Faith: [we are going up the driveway of her daycare] Aaah, Peekaboo Daddy!! Peekaboo!

Me: That’s right, we are here.

Faith: Shawn, Peekaboo! You hold onto Daddy’s leg [she’s giving Shawn instructions as to what to do when we get out of the car to stay safe. When I am getting one child out of the car the other holds my leg so I know where he/she is. Usually I get Shawn out of the car first. Faith remembers].

Shawn: yaah.

January 27, 2012 at 10:21 AM 11 comments

521 hits!

Wow, my faithful readers really did some big-time visiting this past weekend, especially all day yesterday. I hope you enjoyed and will continue to enjoy my new posts in the coming year.

One thing I have noticed, you really enjoy reading posts that are about my family, specifically my kids, so I will do more posts about them for now on. And lots of pictures, too.

Thanks for visiting over 500 times this past weekend. Keep it up and we will reach 10,000 hits in no time!!!

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