Such a good sister

December 29, 2011 at 1:53 PM Leave a comment

As many of you who have been following my blog for a long time know that Faith has been having a hard time adjusting to having a little brother. She has done many things to him to let him know she was here first. But once and a while she does something unexpected and so loving. She really does truly love her little brother.

An example is today at lunch time. Shawn was really struggling with finishing his meal and Faith quickly gobbled up hers. This lunch was special because De-Ann (Mommy) promised both kids a cookie when they finished up their lunch. So after Faith finished De-Ann gave Faith a cookie. After it was put on her plate Faith sat there and starred at it. I thought it was strange but I was more concentrating on helping Shawn finish his meal so he got a cookie.

Throughout the ordeal of trying to get Shawn to finish his lunch Faith continued to sit there starring at her cookie. Finally De-Ann asked why she hadn’t ate it yet. Faith with a calm voice said “I have to wait for Shawn.” So we left it at that and continued to help Shawn with his cucumbers. A couple of times I looked over and Faith was licking the cookie, but then put it back on the plate. One other time she was taking little pieces off it and again put it back on the plate. Finally De-Ann said “you can eat it Baby. You don’t have to wait for Shawn.” She said, “no, have to wait for Shawn Mommy.” We both smiled and thought the same thing… “she’s such a good sister.”

The rest of the story is, Shawn finally finished his cucumbers and got his cookie then, and only then, Faith was able to eat her cookie–in her mind, that is.

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