Shawn, our neat freak!

December 7, 2011 at 7:40 PM Leave a comment

The kids and Mommy took me out to celebrate a late birthday tonight. It was nice to hang out with the kids and eat and chat with De-Ann. I love my family!

While we were eating the kids were so good. Both kids had some of the all-you-can-eat salad while we waiting for our pizza and De-Ann’s entree. When the food finally arrived we divided up the pizza to the kids and they ate together nicely. Shawn kept turning around and pointing at the floor. At first I had no idea what he wanted, then I figured it out, he was so concerned there were napkins and paper and old crayon boxes on the floor, not to mention the food. He wanted me to pick it all up. I kept telling him there are people who clean up the floor that work here. After a while he went back to eating his food.

We continued to eat and then again Shawn started to turn around again and pointing. He was so concerned the floor had things on it. This went on the meal, until finally I picked up the stuff on the floor so he could eat with a peace of mind.

Other examples of his “neat-freakness” is he really like to clean his tray on his high chair after he is done eating. He also has to make sure all the toys are put away before he can leave the room and if they aren’t he will look under all the chairs and couch to make sure everything is in it’s place. He enjoys putting the books and puzzles away as well. Oh ya, when it comes to putting the blocks away Shawn has to not only make sure they are all away but they can’t be put in the basket unless all the pieces are separated.

De-Ann even taught the kids a clean-up song and even though he can’t say all the words he sings the song by making noises that sounds just like the song. It’s so cute.

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