Impact Leadership Retreat. Part 1

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Last weekend we had a great time at our Impact leadership retreat. I was so honoured to be asked to speak at the retreat.

We started off the retreat on Friday night with just the current leaders by hanging out at Wild Wings. We did what most do, orders a pound of wings each and shared them with everyone at the table. It was a feast made for kings and queens! After our feast we headed to our hotel to decide what was next … bowling, watch a movie, what? No bowling, and the guys hung out in James’ room and girls in Leanne’s. Oh and us old guys stayed in our room. haha. Truth be told I had some last minute printing to do so at 11pm I headed back to the church to get that done for the next day. I think everyone crashed around 12:30 or so.

The next day was a full day of leadership development and learning and growing. It was so cool to see each of the participants affirming each other in their leadership styles, gifts, abilities and even personalities. I especially enjoyed hearing how different individuals were blessed and encouraged by another person on the team because of something they did or said. There was a lot of love in that room! haha.

I am going to post about this retreat for a few posts, just to break-up all we learned into bite size pieces for reading. Just following the “Impact Leadership Retreat” posts. Enjoy.

We started off Saturday morning with a bit of an explanation of what we were there for and what we were going to learn together. The main reason for us to be there was to give everyone in attendance a chance to assess themselves as a leader and as a follower of Jesus so they could find the best place for them to serve in Impact or elsewhere. The secondary reason we were meeting which went very well with the first, was because we were hoping to recruit new leaders to help with the leadership of Impact.

We first discussed what leadership is and used the ultimate example Jesus, himself when he washed the feet of his disciples in John 13. We all agreed that we needed to be servants as we led. Some of the things we discussed were those in our lives that both where leaders and influencers and how messed up our views of leadership were by the world’s views. Those who influenced us were just as much leaders in our lives as those who were the people standing in the “spot light” and with the biggest mouths. We also discovered that being a leader with skill and integrity of heart were important, not one without the other, however you can learn skills of leadership but you can’t learn integrity! As we discussed this issue we were influenced by the Psalmist’s writing when he said in…

Psalm 78:72 “And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

Notice how integrity comes before skill! I think this is because in God’s eyes our integrity is more important that the skills and abilities we have as a leader. The word “heart” is actually translated “source of man.” A person’s heart is the source of his passion, knowledge, and character. If you have no integrity it’s like you are a spring that has been polluted and if you pollute the spring, then all the water that flows from it into the ocean will be polluted too. A perfect example of someone who was a very gifted leader and had all the skill in the world but had no integrity was Adolf Hitler. Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan, but I have to admit he was a huge influencer of thousands of people. Imagine if he was led with integrity of heart! That is the reason God says in Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

The next session we spent a great deal of time looking at what kind of leader am I by discussing the 10 styles of leadership from Bill Hybel’s book Courageous Leadership. Each person was able to assess themselves as to what style they were, or styles. Here are the styles with a short description. Which one best describes you?

1. Visionary: a leader who cast a vision and they believe in the vision and believe if tell people, write about it, and share it, it will become reality. But they can’t always make the vision reality.

2. Directional: they have the ability to choose the right path for an organization or ministry as it approaches a critical intersection–course change or stay the course?

3. Strategic: they can take the vision and break it down into a series of achievable steps. They stay with the plan until the vision is reality.

4. Managing: they have the ability to organize people, processes and resources to achieve a goal or vision. They like to motivate team members by establishing mile markers on the road to the destination.

5. Motivational: they can get a team fired up about the vision ahead. They have the ability to see those on the team that need inspiration or encouragement to get their part of the job complete.

6. Shepherding: they build a team slowly, love the team members deeply, nurture them, support them, listen patiently and prays for them. The whole style of leadership is around a caring community experience that energizes the team to achieve the vision.

7. Team-building: they know in order to achieve the vision they need teams of leaders. The have the ability to choose the right people to make this happen.

8. Entrepreneurial: they have to give birth to a new ministry or idea regularly or they will get bored or loose energy. Once a new ministry is up and running they need to move onto the next big idea. They are not concerned about the managing and they shouldn’t because they can’t do it, it will drive them crazy and they will start to die inside.

9. Reengineering: they can take a troubling situation–ministry lost its vision, people in wrong positions, ministry is dying–and turn it around where it is flourishing and growing and healthy. They evaluate people, strategy and values to discover how to get the ministry back on track.

10. Bridge-building: they have the ability to listen, understand and think outside the box. But above all else, they love the challenge of relating to a diverse group of people to negotiate them all the meet the same vision. After building a relationship of trust, this person would try to refine the vision each sub-leader to meet the overall vision of the larger ministry or organization.

We finished off this session with a chance for each person to review the different styles and discover which one they are. It was very cool to see each person affirming others in the group. Some people were shocked to find out they were one type leader when others commented. It was a great time of confirming and affirming the leaders of Impact.

Look for the next post on what we learned about our unique SHAPE…

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