Shawn, a big helper…sorta

October 29, 2011 at 6:51 PM Leave a comment

Now that we have the missing shelves from Shawn’s closet, I can go upstairs to put them all together while the kids and De-Ann go to the park, but first I need to cut the lawn. I better hurry though. Hopefully I will be done before the kids and De-Ann get back.

Lawn is cut and I barely started the shelves for Shawn’s room and De-Ann and the kids got home. Bummer! De-Ann brought Shawn upstairs to watch me. Shawn came and sat in my lap and was mesmerized with what I was doing. He watched intently as I put shelved together, screwing and fitting them together.

Shawn noticed my screwdriver set, grabbed it and broke it! haha. He is Mr. Destruction. haha. He only broke the case. Screwdrivers and bits are fine. After I finished Shawn’s closet, Shawn helped me to put all the clothes and diapers back into the closet. He was such a big helper…sorta.

After the kids go to bed, I will post pics of the new closet, all organized. Check back soon.


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My daughter: living contradiction Shawn’s new closet

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