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If you don’t already know our house is full of Ikea furniture — much to De-Ann’s chagrin. haha. She said “tonight I can’t believe how much Ikea stuff we have.” She count about maybe 10 items that AREN’T Ikea. Love it.

Well we added some more Ikea furniture to our collection yesterday. As you most know we have been getting our basement renovated. Well it is in the finishing stages now, so we have started to move furniture down there to get ready for a guest — special guest — De-Ann’s Mom. She will have the privilege of sleeping in the new bedroom downstairs, for the first time.

Back to our addition of Ikea stuff. Last night we went to Ikea with my Father-in-law’s truck (my dream truck–Ram 2500 with Cummings diesel engine and extended bed). We went there to get furniture for the basement. We had a list, De-Ann loves to make lists. Anyway, we had to get storage shelves, a day bed for the bedroom, kitchen cabinetry for the dry-bar in the living room, and some cabinets for De-Ann’s office and art supplies. Oh and we were suppose to get a TV stand for the components but I forgot to pick up the parts for it. I’ll explain in a minute.

Before I get into our trip to Ikea, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Aby and Chase for graciously offering to take care of our little monkeys (Faith & Shawn) while we went on a “date.” Not much of a date, we went to Ikea to pick-up furniture. Well we did stop to eat for a few seconds. We each had two hotdogs and shared a Mountain Dew–I go all out for our dates!!!

After we ate we quickly made our way to the different departments in the store to get the codes (aisles and bins) to go and pick-up our furniture. You probably know that it all come in flat boxes and you have to put it together yourself. I get to that in a minute. Back to our shopping trip, we first went to the living room section to look at TV stands. We took too long trying to figure out what would work for us. We had to find something that would hide the components from the kids but also we could use the remote without having to open and close doors. We finally found the perfect cabinet. Crazy thing though, in all the excitement of picking up all the boxes in the self-service warehouse I completely forgot to pick-up the boxes with the cabinet in it.

From the living room section we got all the codes for the day bed & mattress, the storages shelves and then we went over to the kitchen department to order the cabinets De-Ann designed in her note book. She explained the design to the lady at the computer and they put together an order that we found out later on we had to pick-up at another location. The stop at the kitchen department didn’t take as long as I thought, so we had a few more minutes before the store closed. But I didn’t realize De-Ann still have one more thing on her list. She wanted shelves or cabinets for her art and office supplies.

Again it was close to closing and don’t forget we have to pick-up the special ordered cabinets from another location. So I was trying to remind De-Ann we needed to go and pick out all the items we want and then pay before the store closed. Well she hurried but we heard the 15 minute warning and then “the store is now closed please head to the cashiers right now.” As we were running down the stairs we grabbed two carts and De-Ann went in one direction and I went in another. We actually managed to pick-up everything we needed except for the above mentioned TV cabinet that I have to go back and pick-up. haha. You should have seen us go through the aisles with those crazy carts. They have a mind of their own. But we made it, we actually bought all the items on De-Ann list and loaded the truck before they closed and locked the doors for the night. I still don’t know how we managed that. You should have see the truck. We had filled the back seat with small things and things we didn’t want to get wet. Then the big items went into the bed of the truck. We actually had so much stuff that you couldn’t see out the back window and the boxes in the bed were stacked pretty high.

On top of all the things we picked up from Ikea we still had to head over to the other warehouse to pick-up the kitchen cabinets. We actually made it there before they closed (9:30pm). They actually weren’t ready for us so we had to wait patiently as they pulled our items off the shelves. Once we had everything we loaded it into the truck and now it was full both inside and out. So thankful for that truck. I don’t know if I ever told you, but I used to have a pick up. It was a beaut, a Dodge Dakota Sport. I loved that truck and I miss it. Great to be able to reminisce with my Father-in-law’s truck.

By the time we got on the road it was almost 9:30 and pouring rain. We finally arrived home where Aby and Chase greeted us at the door. They were amazing, they helped De-Ann and I unload the truck into the basement. If it wasn’t for them I would have been unloading the truck all night. We finally finished and then they left to get something to eat. I think it was 11pm. I was exhausted and De-Ann and I went to bed and crashed.

Then tonight after the kids went to bed I went downstairs to put all the furniture together. And I had a very special helper with me. His name is DJ and he is an Ikea assembly aficionado. So glad he was there because I don’t think I would have accomplished as much if it wasn’t. Thanks DJ!

DJ was at my house for almost 4 hours. In that time he made most of the kitchen cabinets and started to help with the day bed. I was able to finish all 3 storage shelves and helped DJ with the kitchen cabinets. I didn’t do much, just a few doors and the legs for both cabinets, that’s about it. DJ did all the assembly of the cabinets and put in the complicated drawers and other pieces. We had those drawers that don’t slam. Great for the kids, they love to slam drawers and doors.

After DJ left I finished off the kitchen cabinets and put them beside the mini-fridge in the corner where we are eventually going to have  a dry-bar where all the snacks and drinks will be stored. Once the cabinets are complete we are going to get our contractor to cut the counter top so it fits nicely in the corner. De-Ann chose butcher block and it really goes well with our cork floor. You will notice in the picture the door of the slim cabinet is missing. It was back ordered and we hopefully will be able to pick it up on Monday.

The last thing I did before I cleaned up was the day bed. It was pretty complicated but I eventually finished it at almost 3am. Then I cleaned up the mess we made, all the wrapping and plastic went into a garbage bag and the cardboard boxes that all the pieces came in were put into the garage for the next garbage pick-up.

Then I came upstairs to do a few tweets and send out this post to all my faithful readers. See the pictures below. Picture #1: 3 storage shelves in the storage room. Picture #2: the day bed all put together. Picture #3 one of the shelving unit for De-Ann’s art and office supplies. Picture #4: the kitchen cabinets minus the door that was not in stock. You can also see the mini-fridge we bought for the dry-bar section of the living room. Then picture #5 is the butcher block counter top that is ready to be cut and put on top of the cabinets and fridge. It’s going to look great. We are also going to put our old microwave down there as well. It is going to be the best dry-bar snack station around. Can’t wait.

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